about me

This is me. {Or it was. I'm a brunette now.}


26-yr-old girly girl who still doesn't feel like an adult

wife to a "cleanie" and a great cook (we balance each other)

mommy of 3

believer of Jesus Christ

a "messie" and this hasn't helped

elementary teaching degree

currently stay-at-home-mom

world’s best procrastinator (there should be an award for that)

world's worst time manager (another award maybe?)

try to be organized but tend to be a cluttery person

6-yr-old son, Otter (no, not his real name) He's in remission from epilepsy. Read about it here.

3-yr-old daughter, Raven (no, not her real name)

daughter born in December 2009, The Baby (the only planned child)

don't like to cook

don't like to clean (I think this is why I don't like to cook)

don't like to fold and put away laundry (putting it in the washer and dryer I don't mind, just don't make me use the clothesline)

love socializing and being around people

love eating out

love taking naps

love to talk

love to read

love TV (Private Practice, Grey's, Desperate Housewives, Army Wives, The Bachelor, One Tree Hill)

love chick flicks

love watching my kids in amazement of their amazingness

love to laugh

blessed beyond measure

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