Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the bachelorette: #2

Okay, I'm not going into detail this go around, (see how my procrastination is already healing?) All I have to say is Jason better tell her about his son, (which he does on the next episode.) I wonder how she'll react to him waiting to tell her. And Ryan, didn't he say he didn't cuss? Pretty sure the only bleep came from his mouth. Ah ah ah. The jealousy's pretty nasty, but entertaining to say the least. I think they should just keep their mouths shut and focus on what they're really doing there. It's not about winning a competition...I hope, or DeAnna's skeerewed. Ultimately, I agreed with her decision on who to send home, but I think there could have been a couple more...ahem...Fred & Twilley. Until next week...
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