Wednesday, May 21, 2008

when in doubt, JUST TAKE IT

We got back late last night from our 1-day trip halfway across the country. Otter's appointment went great and we will begin weaning him off the Zonegran this week. We also found out that if things continue to go well, he can start coming off the diet in May of next year!!! Now, I'm letting you in on a little personal info here because I want the best neuro in the world to be recognized. We see Dr. Kossoff at Johns Hopkins. I found him on the internet and he is WONDERFUL! He's surpassed every possible expectation! He returns all my emails within the hour, even on weekends! What doctor does that? He cares so much for Otter and we are so blessed to have found him. He is our miracle!

We didn't take Raven on the trip, but I think we're going to for our next trip in November. We're planning on making that trip more of a vacation instead of a fly-in fly-out.

Now, if you recall, we left on Sunday and I hadn't yet packed as of Sunday morning. I haven't mentioned that although I'm the best procrastinator, I work very well under pressure. I'm not one of those last minute procrasties who does poor work. However, I do tend to over-pack a little. My theory is: when it doubt, just take it. I'm sure that every single time I've decided not to take something I always end up wishing I had. I have yet to take my own advice.

Hubby and I went rounds before we left because I wanted to take the umbrella stroller and he didn't. He thought it was just something extra to tote around because Otter can "walk just fine." I say why worry about where he is every 5 seconds and just put him in the flippin thing. So I said I would put it in the trunk just in case, and I actually let him talk me out of it! The stupid thing weighs like 2 lbs. It wouldn't have hurt anything in the trunk. And you'll never guess...ya, we pretty much needed it EVERYWHERE we went, but Hubby still wouldn't admit that I was right. However, I was sure to remind him at every available opportunity. In conclusion, (of this paragraph anyway) when in doubt, JUST TAKE IT! You're better off taking it and not needing it than not taking it and needing it, right?

The hotels, good, except that my presence apparently made the lights go on strike. We stayed in two hotels and at LEAST half the light bulbs were burnt out at each one. Just my luck.

The plane rides, good, except for an hour delay on the flight home. (It's ALWAYS the flight HOME.) And a slightly embarrassing moment when my son laughed and yelled, "Hehehe, that tickles my wiener," during take-off. (I asked Hubby and apparently it really does.)

The rental, a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe, GREAT, it's always nice to pretend to own a vehicle we can't afford.

Now it's back to life, back to reality, but FIRST I'm gonna take a nap, (ya know, before I do the laundry...)

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