Monday, June 2, 2008

inquiring minds

The question: What was your initial reaction when you discovered you were pregnant for the first time?

In 2 words: Oh shit.

In 339 words: It was a Tuesday. March 11 to be exact. I was 18, living in the college apartment-style dorms with 3 other girls. My boyfriend (now husband) and I had just broke up the weekend before and I was a day or 2 late. I wasn't worried, but I had an extra pregnancy test from a 2-pack I had bought before, so I figured I'd just get it out of the way. I didn't tell any of my roommates, and only 1 was home. I took the test, looked at it, breathed a sigh of relief, walked out to the living, and said to my roommate, "Two lines means you're NOT pregnant right?" Her eyes about popped out of her head as she gave her response. No.

I COMPLETELY freaked out and we both ran to our computers to google pregnancy test results. Yes, I'm serious. Sure eh-damn-nough, positive. I started crying hysterically and my roommate took my laptop from me and slammed it on my desk, (almost breaking it by the way,) and told me she was taking me to Wal-Mart for more tests. This one was old, maybe it was broken...hehehe yeah right. So we bought 3 more tests, yes, all of which were positive. So that's that, I was pregnant. I called my best friend (who was also the first to know about baby #2.) I called my sister. I finally called the bf, who had just broke up with me two days before. ugh.

Here's the best part. I decided I'd tell my parents that weekend since we were all going to be together. Little did I know, they passed through town that week and stopped to use our facilities, and guess what was sitting on the bathroom counter. That's right folks, 4 positive pregnancy tests. They tried to convince themselves it was someone else's. After all, I did live with 3 other girls. But my mom's intuition was correct, they were mine.

Yatta Yatta Yatta...and more yatta yatta...we all lived happily ever after...sorta...not really...maybe...someday.

Tell me your story!

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Rachel Rowell said...

My husband and I had been married for almost three years. ;)

I was at work and had been feeling really crappy all day and could not figure out what the heck my problem was. And then, as if someone had turned a lightbulb on in my head, I knew. "I bet I'm pregnant!!!!" The hours drug by for the work day to be over so I could get my butt to the drug store across the street to buy a pregnancy test.

My work was almost and hour drive from home, so once I bought the drug test I just couldn't bare the thought of waiting an entire hour to know, plus this girly speaking, wierd dressing, plain out odd acting drugstore clerk actually had the nerve to ask who I was buying the P.T. for, and once I got over my shock, I told him it happened to be for myself. He said, "Well, before you take it I can tell you right now YOU ARE, and it's going to be a girl." I was thinking, "yeah right, this dude is a freakin' lunatic!" He urged me to go right then and take it, and quite frankly I was just dying to know.

So, I did. It was almost painful to look. I knew that if it was positive, like it or not, my life was about to drastically change and would never be the same again. And of course, it was. My first thought was, OH MY GOD!!!!!! And after I got a grip on myself and stopped shaking enough to unlock the door of the stall, I exited. I checked my reflection in the mirror to make sure I didn't look as stunned as I felt, and came out of the ladies room. As I approached the front of the store, the clerk said, " See, I told you. I'm never wrong about those sort of things. I promise you'll be back in nine months telling me you had a girl."

So, I got in my car thinking, "Wow, I have just been prophesied over by a gay man!" And even scarier, I WAS pregnant, and to top it all off I DID have a girl! Go figure. Proof that God DOES have a sense of humor.

The first person I told was one of my really good friends who had just found out she was pregnant. I wanted to tell my husband in person, so I just HAD to call and tell someone and spill the news on the loooooong car ride home.

There's my story. Kinda wierd I know. But it's mine. I'll never forget that day. It really was the day my life changed forever.

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