Wednesday, July 9, 2008

happily ever after?

So I was thinking, the norm for the finale of The Bachelor/ette is a proposal. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe only one season has resulted in a marriage. So I got to thinking about that. In reality, who gets engaged after 6 weeks of knowing someone? Seriously.

I want to long did you know your special someone before getting engaged? How long were you engaged before you got married? Are you still married? Please comment!

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Angela said...

Okay, we dated for 5 months then got engaged. We were engaged for 9 months then got married. This coming October will be our 14th wedding anniversary! Holy smokes! 14 years?! Sounds like forever, but feels like 14 days.

The Mom Jen said...

Great Q!

Hubby and I were dating 4 years before our engagement and then married a year later. We've been together 16 years and 12 of those married!


Rachel said...

Although we had known "of" each other since I was like 13, We dated for a year and a half and were engaged for 2 months I think. We just couldn't wait!!!....obviously. Almost six years later we're more in love than ever.

Vicki said...

We date for four months before decided we wanted to get married. Waited a little over a year to get married and we've been married for 12 years. Awesome!

Sometimes time has nothing to do with it. I dated a guy for four years and that ended up a bust. (Because God knew what He was doing.)

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