Saturday, July 12, 2008

money money money money....muh-nay

When Hubby and I first moved in together, I was going to school and he was working a crap paying job (what I get paid now.) His job now is AWESOME and together we're making TRIPLE what we did. Needless to say, it's hard not to get a little greedy. For the first time in our lives we actually have money to spend! I always said that I would love shopping more if I had money to spend. That proved to be very very true! It's such great fun! I'm still a super bargain shopper, and not to brag but I may be the best one around. I just bought $140 worth of clothes for $55 at Herbergers! We're trying to be smart and put extra money towards our mortgage, which gets done every now and then. I'm thinking the newness will wear off soon. Right?

For about a year now I've been debating between whether I wanted to but a sit-n-stand stroller. There have been so many situations where I've wished I had it. So when I was at Target the other day (3 hours away if you remember) I decided I was going to buy it. But then I got to thinking, if I'm going to get a double stroller why don't I just get a side by side jogging stroller? So I didn't buy the sit-n-stand, I came home at bought this on ebay for $178! WOOHOO!

Now I'm just mad I didn't buy one when Raven was born. Oh well.

I believe I've mentioned before that I'm a car seat freak. Well I'm also a stroller freak. Hubby was less than thrilled with my purchase, but in my defense this is my first double stroller. When I told him I was thinking about buying it he told me to use my judgement. Well my judgement told me I could walk to work and save on gas. Right? (I'll update you on that when the stroller gets here.)

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