Wednesday, July 23, 2008

nifty nines

9 things I have a passion for:
*God & Jesus Christ- The Way. The Truth. The Life.
*family- I am so blessed.
*friends- Nothing can ever replace a good friend to talk to.
*teaching- I love seeing the light bulb go on. I get so excited when kids get excited to see me!
*blogging- I don't know what I did without it.
*singing- It makes me feel good.
*pregnancy- I love it.
*napping- so relaxing
*laughing- good for the soul

9 things I want to do before I die:
*sky dive (with a professional attached of course.)
*Watch my kids grow up, get married, and have babies.
*Build our dream home.
*Lead people to Christ.
*Win a dream vacation, or something else really cool.
*Own a brand new convertible.
*Get my children's book on epilepsy published.
*Write a book about breastfeeding that's not biased.
*Meet all of you!

9 things I say alot:

*Hi Pretty.
*Knock it off.
*You're okay.
*Hurry up.
*How's my boy?
*Maybe later.
*Love you.

9 movies I've seen (at least) 9 times:
*A Walk to Remember
*The Notebook
*The Cable Guy
*Legally Blonde
*Sound of Music
*Monsters Inc.
*Shrek 2
*The Incredibles

9 Julia Roberts movies I've seen at least more than twice, most at least 9 times: (I added this because I realized she could have her very own list of movies that I LOVE. Lucky her.)
*Steel Magnolias
*Pretty Woman
*Runaway Bride
*Mona Lisa Smile
*Erin Brockovich
*My Best Friend's Wedding
*Mystic Pizza
*Notting Hill

9 drinks I enjoy:
*Colorado Bulldogs
*Malibu & Coke
*Mike's Hard Lemonade
*Dr. Pepper
*Arbor Mist
*wedding punch
*Wild Cherry Pepsi

9 things I don't qualify as edible, but are:
*my cooking- hehehehehehehehe
*sushi- I thought I would like it, I didn't.
*orange peel- my granddad always used to eat them, gross
*packing peanuts
*caviar- ack!
*panties- one word, gross
Technically ANYTHING could be edible, so this could go on forever.

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