Tuesday, April 7, 2009

make it go away

So I'm sure I've done this with both pregnancies, but I am SUPER freaking out that I'm going to miscarry. 4 of my friends have had miscarriages in the past year.

I'm sure everyone does this, which is why most people wait to tell people they're pregnant until after the first trimester. I've already told everyone and their dogs and I'm only 10 minutes pregnant. I just can't keep a secret, I don't know how people do it!

I just pray all day long that God will keep this healthy baby growing inside of me, but I know He has a Master Plan no matter what happens.

Please tell me I'm not crazy! I HATE this feeling. Unfortunately, it's not going to go away until I hear that precious heartbeat, which won't be for at least another 5 weeks! And then a whole new set of worries come along! I guess it doesn't stop.

2 cleansing comments:

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I prayed daily the entire time I was pregnant with each of my children for a healthy baby. I will send up a few for you.

mamzy said...

I will pray for you, too. I worried the entire time with each of my pregnancies, too. Remember, it's pointless to worry because it is all in God's hands. He is in control. Take care!

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