Wednesday, June 3, 2009

to sum it up

Nothing too knew around here.

Took the kids to the pool for the first time last week.

"City" has a brand new pool.

Have I mentioned we bought a king size Tempurpedic bed?

Love it.

Watched the Jon & Kate + 8 premiere.

Hope they make it, don't think they will.

He totally cheated.

Kid stepped on my phone at daycare.

I left it on the ground.

My fault.

Got a new phone.

New version of my old one.

Never done that before.

Still don't have a smart phone.

Otter got his tonsils out yesterday.

Did really well.

Got lots of bags for ride home in case vomiting occurred.

Ended up using the bag myself.

Runza didn't settle so well.

13 weeks pregnant. (Will post pix soon.)

188 days to go.

But probably more like 195.

Still sick.

A little torked about still being sick.

Finally listened to 7 pregnant / recently pregnant friends who recommended Zofran.

It works.

$600/bottle without insurance.

But we have insurance.

Got leftovers from a friend anyway.

Taking a couple more days off to stay home with Otter.

Finding things for him to eat is very challenging because of his diet.

Lots of smoothies and jello.

He's already sick of it and we have two weeks to go.

Better use my imagination.

EEG in 2 weeks.

Then going to a water park.

Big party if EEG's normal.

Complete with the bounce house.

I'm starting the Activia challenge today.

Constipation sucks.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I had to do the zofran route with my last! I hope all is ok!


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