Monday, February 8, 2010

friend makin monday

Did you watch the Super bowl?

If so, who were you rooting for?
I didn't even know who was playing. :)

If not, what did you do instead?
took a nap, read blogs, and watched a movie.

Where did you watch it/not watch it?

What did you eat?
Hubby is usually an awesome cook, but he made this nasty chicken and spinach concoction that I could barely choke down.

Favorite superbowl commercial?
I watched the ads on hulu and I must say I wasn't impressed. My fave was Volkswagon: PunchDub.

Least favorite?
The Go Daddy commercials.
Emerald Nuts and Pop Secret: Awesomer

What did you think of the half time show?
didn't watch

Who do you wish would have been the halftime show?
don't care

For more Friend Makin Monday, visit {ae filkins}.

4 cleansing comments:

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I didn't watch either! Boring!

Miki said...

My husband's an awesome cook too, but sometime the things he comes up with...ugh! It cracked me up that you didn't even know who was playing! Happy FMM! Miki

Low Expectations said...

Sounds like you had a good night even though you didn't watch the game!

Jean Stockdale said...

I did not watch the Super Bowl due to the fact I have pulled my back out and was in bed with muscle relaxers. This go round I did not have dog in the hunt and did not care who won.

Dropping by from the MFM meme. You have a great looking blog.

Stop by sometime!


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