Monday, February 15, 2010

not me monday

The heater did not go out in my van.

The handi-bus did not forget to pick up Otter for school.


I did not forget Otter's Valentine party.

I did not rush around to make 20 Valentine's by myself in 10 minutes.

I did not find my debit card that I had not cancelled the day before. (If you're confused, I really did find my debit card the day after I really did cancel it. :)

Our health insurance company did not fail to process our application that they received in NOVEMBER!

Microsoft Power Point did not disappear from my computer.

Then Microsoft Excel did not disappear from my computer.

Then Microsoft Word did not disappear from my computer.

My compupter does not have a virus.

I did not spend all day yesterday backing everything up.

And literally, my next computer will be a Mac, NOT a PC.

Hubby did not take all the hot water on VALENTINE'S DAY!

I did not take a cold shower. (or try anyway)

My kids did not eat all my Valentine chocolate.

4 cleansing comments:

Nic said...

Oh Man!! I hate computer problems!! Maybe b/c I don't know ANYTHING about them =)

Shell said...

What a week!

You really needed that chocolate!

Jenny said...

i hate cold husband manages to do that from time to time...1/2 price chocolate at target for sure!

Christy said...

lol! you did need the chocolate! and I have totally called and ordered a new card/cancelled the old one only to find it that same day

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