Thursday, March 18, 2010

people in review #7

Gerard Butler Says Jennifer Aniston Is Like Family
How about you MAKE her family!

Katherine Heigl 'Not Likely' Returning to Grey's Anatomy

POLL: Lindsay Lohan's E-Trade Lawsuit – You Decide the Outcome!
58% voted that Lohan should pay every commerical viewer $10 for enduring more of her drama. Not EVERYTHING revolves around you LINDSSSSSSSSSSEY.

Heidi Montag's New Psychic Manager: I Hear Dead People
You'll fit right in with the family.

Camila Alves's Motherhood Secrets? Have Fun – and Don't Stress!
Believe me, I wouldn't be stressing either if Matthew McConaughey fathered my children.

David Schwimmer Is Engaged! a woman 20 years younger! Seriously that would be like my husband marrying our 6-yr-old's girlfriend.

Rielle Hunter: I Will Love John Edwards 'Till Death Do Us Part'
What people will do for a little publicity. Gag.

Spencer Pratt Leaves The Hills to Fight Cyber Crime
I think your best option would be to dig a hole and live there. Don't forget to take your wife.

What Did Gisele B√ľndchen Really Want to Name Her Son?

How to Win Over Miley Cyrus
Like I care.

It's Official: Tiger Woods Announces Return to Golf
{enter sarcastic woots here}

Joey Fatone Says His 9 Year Old Feeds, Burps Newborn Daughter
Get outta bed 9 yr old! It's your turn to feed the baby!

Kendra Wilkinson to Dress Baby Hank as Leprechaun for St. Pat's
He's her first.

Off-Duty Hollywood: Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves Have a Lunch Date
There's a shocker.

Demi Moore Knew Ashton Kutcher Was Special 'Right Away'
Like when you saw him in the nursery when your daughter was born?

Gerard Butler Is Sweet on Jennifer Aniston's Cupcakes
Makes me want a cupcake real bad.

POLL: Which of Jen Aniston's Leading Men Is Your Favorite?
Vince Vaughn. 39% agree.

Why Betty White Is Perfect for SNL
Cause she's funny. Duh.

Seventh Child on the Way for Kevin Costner
Holy macker daps! He's 55! SEVEN kids? P.S. Kevin Costner is like the hottest older guy ever, no?

Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Drug Abuse, Suicidal Thoughts
I'm sure posing naked and sleeping with a 90-yr-old man will make that all better.

Source: Sandra Bullock Has Left the Family Home
What? Weren't they voted like best couple at the Oscars or something? All lovey dovey and smoochie woochie? Rumors of infidelity. Who would cheat on Sandra Bullock?

Kirstie Alley: It's Not a Scientology Diet
Why not? You've tried every other diet on the planet.

Elizabeth Edwards 'Disgusted' by Rielle Hunter's Photos but Has Moved On
Me too Elizabeth.

6 cleansing comments:

Kel said...

Love the commentary!

Steph said...

Ross is engaged again? So he got back together with that student he was dating?

And I'm sooo sad over Sandra Bullock!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Love the one about Ashton in the nursery and YES to Kevin Costners Old Hotness!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

As much as I love Vince, Jerry makes my toes curl! He does need to make her family, then get her pg asap!

debra said...

Too funny. Totally agree about Kevin Costner. :)

Mrs4444 said...

This is a BRILLIANT idea for a post. I hope you do it weekly; I love it!

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