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prayer is power: kssnnikkel

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Prayer is Power


Please pray for Mrs. P @ A Little Pink in a World of Camo. She lost her husband this week. My heart aches for her and her baby who will never meet her daddy.

And please pray for Christy @ Just Thinkin' and her family as her future brother-in-law was just diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

The following is a story shared by Lisa @ kssnnikkel on how the power of prayer has affected her friend's life.

I have a friend who worked 12+ hours a day as a nurse in a well known hospital in Little Rock. She was very active and always on the go. In April of '08 her legs got tired and with 5 to 6 weeks she was no longer able to work and walking with a walker.
She begin falling a lot and had loads of bruises to show for it. Her doctors did so many test I'm surprised that she hasn't turned into a human sponge!

She was told it could be lupus or lymes disease. She ask for prayer and I and many others added her to our prayer list at our churches. I even prayed she had lyme disease..I figured it was the lesser of the two evils.
She wasn't getting any answers and the drs. seemed to be dragging their feet so she went to the Cleveland clinic and had even more test ran. They also came up with nothing.

Still we prayed asking God to give the drs. wisdom to not only diagnose her but to help her have some relief. At this point she was in a wheelchair if she had to go any where and understandably so she was down in the dumps. She rarely rested, the meds they gave her didn't agree with her and she was just tired of the symptoms being treated and not knowing what was causing them.

I and I'm sure many others prayed daily for her and finally through her brother who contacted a dr. friend she was able to find a doctor who took even more test. Some of these test were very painful but he finally found out she had Muscular Dystrophy.
He started her on some shots that she has to give herself every day and is doing much better.
She had stopped driving in 2008 because of the weakness in her legs and when I talked to her Wednesday she told me she had started driving again. She is still using a cane but she has come so very far and I know without a doubt it was prayer that got her this far. It's a very powerful thing!

The following is a personal experience of Lisa's.

In Oct. 2004 I was going thru a divorce and had very little money. I ask God to just help me thru the rough parts. I knew He would get me what I needed.

Around late November we were getting freeze warnings and my house was not underpinned or the pipes insulated. There was a young man that come into the store I worked at and he said he would insulate them for $20. I said ok because I knew it would cost so much more if one burst! I was rushing from one job to another and ran in to my moms to leave the money for him. I told her to tell him to bring the change into the store and I would give him bills for it. I had rummaged around and came up with like a five dollar bill,a few ones and the rest was change. A lot of it was pennies!

So I'm rushing to get to work but I stop at the mailbox and there's a tiny envelope in there addressed to me in crayon. I open it and a little card has "We love You" wrote in red crayon with two twenty dollar bills tucked in it. To this day i don't know who sent me that money but I do know it came at the exact time I needed it.

Thanks so much for sharing Lisa!

Sometimes God helps us even when we don't ask for it.

Would you like to share your story on how the power of prayer has affected your life? Email me at aliasblogger {at}

God bless your week!

7 cleansing comments:

Julia said...

wow, saying prayers for everyone this morning. Thanks for stopping by! I'm following you now!!

God bless,

Shell said...

Great stories on the power of prayer. I was tearing up at Lisa's we love you story.

gamommy2two said...

It is truly amazing the things that be accomplished by the Grace of God.

MageeMommy said...

Thank so much for posting this. I forget daily how much prayer is a powerful and intimate meeting with our Creator. He just wants me to want to be with Him. Amazing how He listens to me!

Praise God! Thanks again for posting this!

Lisa said...

I cried like a baby Shell!

Thanks for having my stories.

Brandi said...

Praying for all of these people! Have a happy Sunday!

Jessica said...

All on my prayer list!

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