Saturday, May 22, 2010

failing myself. will you win?

So you know how I'm a stickler for the rules when it comes to awards? Well not anymore. It's just too exhausting. So I'm gonna be doing something a little different.

For each award, I'm going to give you a trivia question in which the answer can be found on my blog. The first one to comment correctly gets the award. Woohoo! Doesn't this sound like fun? Hint: Search for *keywords*

This first award however I am giving to my loyal commenters. If your button is posted on my left sidebar under "loyal commenters" this award is yours. Oh and Jessica this is yours too. NOW GET YOURSELF A BUTTON! Love ya! Thanks to Casey for this award!

Thanks to Jessica for this award:

Who makes my favorite *cake*? First one to comment correctly wins the Happy 101 award!

Thanks to Kel for this award:

What did this blog *used to be called*? First one to comment correctly wins the Prolific Blogger Award!

Thanks again to Casey for this award:

In what field do I have my college *degree*? First one to comment correctly wins the Honor Roll Award!

Thanks again to Jessica for this award:

This one I'm gonna do cause it's fun. What characters {not actors} would you bump plastics with?

Zak Morris baby

Van: Reba

Ethan: 90210

Derek: Grey's

Cooper: Private Practice {Ya I know this one's a little weird. I think I have a thing for pediatricians.}

What actor used to give me the *creeps*? First one to comment correctly wins the Plastic Joy Award!

9 cleansing comments:

Julia said...

i am HORRIBLE at returning and handing out awards. I really should since people take the time to give them to me. i'm a bad blogger.

WonderWomanWannabe said...

The actor that used to give you the creeps is Robert Pattinson.

WonderWomanWannabe said...

If no one else is going to answer, I'm totally answering all the questions...I give you until this evening, people, then I'm taking ALL the awards. Bwahahahaha.

Kmama said...

LOL! What a great idea. I would totally play along, however, I'm so far behind.

Your degree though, is in education, right??

Adrienne said...

How fun ...I wish I knew the answerbut my fizzled brain has nothin'

WonderWomanWannabe said...

Okay, I'm running with it now!

1. Mother-in-law makes your favorite cake.

2. The blog used to be called "Procrastination".

3. Your degree is in Elementary Education.

4. As aforementioned, Robert Pattinson used to give you the creeps.

I picked up on the *hints*, LOL!

WonderWomanWannabe said...

Blog used to be called
"Procrastination...and then some"?

Jessica said...


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I know what Kel's blog name was, but I can't remember. I suck. And I too think Van was hot! I got this award too!

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