Thursday, May 20, 2010

people in review #15

Get the dish on this week's happenings.

Couple Goes Green – as Shrek Characters – for Themed Wedding
Fuh-reaks. Okay that wasn't nice. I shouldn't judge. But seriously?

POLL: Which Late Star Should Be on the Next U.S. Stamp?
PUH-LEASE DO NOT put Michael Jackson on my mail.

Heidi Montag Calls Cops on Mom
This girl needs locked in an asylum for kooks. She has drifted far beyond this planet.

Jennifer Aniston: I'm Not Eating Baby Food!
So apparently there's a new diet called The Baby Food Cleanse. She's not on it.

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Thinks He's Beautiful – But Not Influential
Until I saw Twilight, Rob gave me nightmares. I thought he was creepy. I even posted about it.

Who Will Make the Better Marilyn Monroe: Naomi Watts or Michelle Williams?
It's a close one, with 55% voting Naomi Watts. She's my vote.

Leigh Anne Tuohy Meets Sandra Bullock's 'Beautiful Little Baby'
They're pretty much bestests now.

Antonio Banderas Is Cool with His 13-Year-Old Daughter's Dating
Bet he changes his mind when she's pregnant at 14.

Jenny McCarthy Teases on Twitter about Mystery Man
Ah I get it now. The REAL reason for the breakup.

John Travolta's Dogs Tragically Killed at Maine Airport
This guy can't catch a break.

Twilight Director: Salary Dispute 'Could Turn Ugly'
Salary dispute? Really? They make more in 3 minutes than I make in a lifetime. SUCK IT UP YOU SPOILED BRATS!

Michelle Williams's New Pixie-Cut: Love It or Hate It?
Love it.

Kristin Confronts Heidi About Spencer on The Hills
Heidi is WAY beyond help at this point. She's completely off her rocker.

Inside Story: Mom's 30 Minutes Face-to-Face with Daughter's Killer
What would you say?

Ashley Greene: Robert Pattinson 'Doesn't Understand Girls'
Does any man?

John Travolta and Kelly Preston Are Expecting!
Well perhaps something's going his way after all!

How Jake Gyllenhaal Got the Hot Bod – Laughing
That easy huh? Quick! Someone say something funny.

Amanda Seyfried on Obsessive Exercising: 'What a Waste of Time!'
No doubt. It's much quicker to just vomit after you eat. {That's a joke btw. I'm blessed with a high metabolism. I don't have to exercise or puke.}

Newly Crowned Miss USA: I Wasn't a Stripper
Ya, and I don't spend 32 hours a day on my computer.

Megan Fox: It Was My Decision to Leave Transformers

10 cleansing comments:

*LLUVIA* said...

oooohhh...! Michael Jackson in a stamp? LONG LIVE THE KING!

Much More Than Mommy said...

I read that they were filming parts of Transformers in my county -- from the comments I read on the article, Megan Fox *not* being in it is going to disappoint a LOOOOT of guys! :-D

WonderWomanWannabe said...

Heidi is a L.O.O.N. And Transformers 3 is now going to bomb at the box office, LOL.

Love "People Review" days! :)

Beth said...

I didn't read the articles but I loved your responses! I still think that Vampire guy is creepy! And I am super-jealous of your high metabolism! Mine runs backwards! :(

Mommy Lisa said...

I have to say - once again your insights on these stories make me feel caught up & that I had a good chuckle!


Laura said...

Hehe - I love these every time.

Nikki said...

Every time I see Heidi and Spencer on tv I want to physically harm both of them. I want to throw things at my tv. I want to smack that crap out of her and ask her what the hell is wrong with her!!
I have strong feelings about them!!! If you can't tell!

Shell said...

LOL @ spoiled brats.

I still think of Robert Pattinson(SP? too lazy to go look) as Cedric Diggory on Harry Potter.

I showed off your cute tutus on my blog today. :)

Kmama said...

Funny thing on the Miss USA...she's from Michigan, and she was actually doing a "learn to pole dance" program that the radio station I listen to does at least once a year. Listeners can win an invitation to the program and true strippers teach them how to pole dance.

I think it's funny that someone actually dug up photos of that from the radio stations website from almost 3 years ago.

Jessica said...

the next thing you know youll be making fun of my star wars themed wedding. hahaa just kidding

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