Sunday, May 9, 2010

pray for monkey

This precious 16-month-old girl was just diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Please pray for her and her family! Ian at The Daily Dose of Reality will be organizing a fundraiser this coming week to help out this so check his blog to see how you can help.


Click the button below to list your prayer requests. You can grab the button on my sidebar if you wish.

Thank God for your mom today! Happy Mommy's Day to you all!

Prayer is Power

5 cleansing comments:

Casey said...

Ugh, this just breaks my heart. Sending lots of prayers.

By the way, do you sell juice plus?

Kmama said...

Praying relentlessly for Monkey and the family. I"m heartbroken over it.

Happy Mother's Day!

sanjeet said...

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Anonymous said...

Praying, praying, praying hard. This just saddens me so much.

Adrienne said...

I was so heart broken ...when I heard this I just cried...I am praying praying and praying Happy Mother's Day

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