Monday, June 21, 2010

movie monday #18

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The Hurt Locker: Iraq. Forced to play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse in the chaos of war, an elite Army bomb squad unit must come together in a city where everyone is a potential enemy and every object could be a deadly bomb. R

I had never heard of this movie before it won Best Picture at the Oscars. I had never heard of Slumdog Millionaire before it won Best Picture either, and it was great, so I figured this one would be too. WRONG! It was awful. Hubby and I about shut it off several times, but we kept thinking it had to get better. Wrong again. It was the slowest moving movie I've ever seen. The scenes were really long and most of them left me wondering what the hell the point even was. In conclusion, no, I wouldn't recommend this movie, but obviously there are several who disagree.

5 cleansing comments:

blueviolet said...

I watched it Saturday night too. I'm a war movie lover so I actually liked it! LOL

Laura said...

I wonder if it is that I like war movies too, b/c I loved this one as well.

Kmama said...

Don't you sometimes wonder why movies win awards??

Casey said...

Well, I guess we wont watch this one

Much More Than Mommy said...

I haven't had an inclination to see this, and I watched an interview with the director and they basically told the entire plot, so even if I wanted to, it was kind of spoiled for me!!!

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