Monday, July 5, 2010

sticking my head out

I'm coming out of hiding to participate in Monday Minute, but it's possible I might slither back into my hole after that. I'm enjoying a little break from the computer. We've spent lots of family time and been all over the place. I'm starting to miss you though! I'll be back soon! And now....

Who of all your blog friends would you like to meet and/or who have you met?
ALL of you! That's the only reason I want to go to a blog conference. I don't really care about learning how to blog I just want to meet my bloggy buds! I totally think we should just plan a get together somewhere and then we don't have to pay registration fees! Who's with me?

What kind of vehicle(s) do you drive?
Ford Windstar

What kind of cell phone do you have?
LG Scoop or something like that. I may be the only one left on the planet without a smart phone.

What's the most annoying thing you wish bloggers would stop doing?
I think it's annoying when you comment and it takes you to just that post. Then to read more you have to basically start over. Ya that's annoying. I prefer the pop-up comment window.

What's the one thing that you still have on your bucket list to do before the year is out?
Have a weekend getaway with Hubby.

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Monday Minute

9 cleansing comments:

Shell said...

We have the same thing on our bucket lists!

And I totally agree about the real reason I want to go to blogging conferences- I just want to meet people! Get together on the beach in NC, anyone?

Anonymous said...

K girl, we need to plan one of these bloggy conferences! I've been wanting to. :) Just to meet everyone!

Enjoy your blogcation. :) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I just saw Harlen Cobens Caught on your sidebar. Have you read it yet? I LOVED that book! He's one of my favorite authors!

Lisa said...

It would be so cool if we all could go to some central point and laugh a few days together!

Sandee said...

Bloggers meet all kinds of ways. Your plan sounds great.

I'm glad I have pop-up comments. Whew!

Have a terrific day. :)

Monday Minute

Beth Zimmerman said...

Hey Girlie!

I'd come to your conference in a Monday Minute! :) Especially if I don't have to pay registration fees and if all my favorite bloggers are in attendance!

I actually WATCHED a movie this weekend! :) Alice in Wonderland. Way too dark for a sweet fairy tale! I'll try to remember to link it up when you come back from exile!

I know my blog is one of the offenders but I don't think I even have a pop up option. Will have to check that out. I hate annoying people!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! See ya soon!

Ian said...

Yeah I want a weekend with hubby too...oh wait...

Much More Than Mommy said...

I don't want a blog conference, I just want a bloggers' weekend out -- where I don't learn ANYTHING except more about my favorite people to read! ;-)

I took an unplanned blogcation (love that!) last week -- my posts were scheduled but I couldn't read or comment! It would've been nice if I hadn't had SO much time on my hands! :-D ENJOY YOUR TIME!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

A blogger weekend, I'm in! Trust me, as long as my hubs in living in the dark ages, you'll never be the last one w/o a smartphone!

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