Tuesday, August 3, 2010

people in review #20

I skipped the 50 billion stories about Lindsey Lohan being in jail. Let's think of something better to talk about mkay?

Breaking Dawn Screenwriter Votes for Showing Bella Giving Birth on Screen
Thanks for giving it away. I haven't read that book yet.

Tiger Woods Dodges Divorce Questions at British Open
Good call.

Bristol Palin Talks Marriage with Levi Johnston
What is she thinking?

Bristol: Sarah Palin Hasn't Forgiven Levi Johnston – Yet
Good luck Levi.

POLL: Which Long-Term Couple Will Get Married Next?
Survey says: Bret Michaels and Kristi Lynn Gibson

Report: Paris Hilton Busted at Airport with Pot in Her Purse
Spoiled brat.

Spencer Pratt: I Chose Fame over Heidi
Unfortunately you won't be getting either.

Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard Join the Cast of The Help
So excited for this movie. I'm just finishing the book and didn't know about it until reading this story. Woohoo!

Angelina Jolie on Brad Pitt: We Have Each Other's Backs
Unfortunately for you Angelina he said that to Jen also.

Tiger Woods Is Still Richest Athlete – Despite Sex Scandal
Of course.

Christina Applegate Is Pregnant

Husband Died from Same Causes as Brittany Murphy

QUOTED: Arnold Schwarzenegger Likens Mel Gibson to an Oil Spill
What an honor.

Couple Survive After Being Hit by 40-Ton Flying Whale
Whales can fly?

Police Discover Pot on Bret Michaels's Tour Buses
Well that explains a few things.

Glee Creator Reveals Secrets of Season 2
I'm gonna buy the 2nd half of season one from Itunes. I can't wait for the DVD release any longer.

Source: Vienna Girardi Won't Leave Gregory Michael Alone
Now might be a good time to crawl in a hole.

Julianne Hough Jokes about Having a Baby with Ryan Seacrest
So he's not gay? Really?

Angelina Jolie Divulges Her Recipe for Happiness
Stealing other women's husbands.

Melissa Rycroft Is Pregnant
Another FYI

Drew Carey: How I Lost 80 Lbs.
Is it me or are fat people just funnier? When Reba's Barbara Jean got skinny she wasn't as funny anymore.

President Obama Keeping Up with Lindsay Lohan's Legal Woes
It gives me great comfort to know the man running our country has his priorities straight.

Heidi Montag Files for Divorce from Spencer Pratt
There's a shocker....

Ali's Choice Revealed on The Bachelorette
I didn't watch this season but apparently it was a real shocker.

Chris Harrison: Current Bachelorette Really Is the Most Dramatic Season
You say that every season.

6 cleansing comments:

Kmama said...

Can Speidi just please, please, please go away? My hubby says that Spencer is the only person he would ever just walk up to and punch in the face. LMAO.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I wish AJ would move to Russian & become an undercover spy, so I would never have to see that homewrecker ever again.

I heart Ryan! He's a GA boy!

And you're right fat people are jolly!

Anonymous said...

These are all so funny! I love your takes on them too girl. :)

Anonymous said...

OH! And I didn't know they are making a movie of The Help. :) I am SO excited! I just finished the book and I LOVED it. :)

K said...

haha! Love your comments.

I agree w/ you on Obama keeping up with Lindsay Lohan. Not too comforting.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

Casey said...

You seem to feel the same way I do about Angelina

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