Tuesday, November 9, 2010

get it on the computer

Otter's 7th birthday is coming up and he's all into Kung Zhu pets. I informed my mom what he wanted and this is the conversation she had with Otter over the phone.

Mom: Otter, I have a question for you and wondered if I might ask your opinion.

Otter: Sure, Grandma. What’s up?

Mom: Well I’ve been looking at some Zhu pets and I really don’t know what they’re about.

Otter: Oh Grandma, they’re awesome!

Mom: Well I’ve been thinking about how you don’t pick up your toys and how things get lost so fast and how they get broken. Sometimes when you say you really want something, you really don’t care about it when you get it.

Otter: Oh Grandma, you will not believe how responsible I would be. I would build a container at After School Club to keep them in. It would never be a problem. Oh Grandma, I really want the Special Forces . . . . . {and on and on and on} Do you have your computer handy?

Mom: I saw something about a hamster set? Is that what you want?

Otter: Awesome! They’re like little mice. Oh yeah, hamsters. That’s it. And . . . and . . . and . . .something about Ninja . . . and . . . {His description went on and on with intense enthusiasm.}

Otter: And there’s a thing like a house.

Mom: An arena?

Otter: That’s exactly it. How did you know? Did you see it on the computer or in real life? I know that where you live is a long way to drive to Sidney?

Me: Sidney? What’s in Sidney?

Otter: Well that’s where my friend, Gabby, got hers. She thought they were about gone. So I better hang up so you can go to Sidney. Bye. I love you.

Mom: Wait, Otter. I’m not going to Sidney. But I’ll be thinking about whether this is something you’ll take care of.

Otter: Absolutely, Grandma. You can count on me.

Mom: Have a good day at school. Bye. I love you.

Otter: Bye.

Ring . . . .

Mom: Hello.

Otter: Grandma, you hung up before I could tell you something. I think there’s a way that you can get them on the computer. I think it takes money though. I don’t know for sure how it works but somehow you can put money in the computer. Do you want me to ask my mom?

Hahahahahaah! My mom sent me this by email because she thought it was so hilarious. I have to admit I was laughing myself. The last part is my favorite!

I know I'm overdue for a People in Review. It's coming soon!
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