Sunday, December 19, 2010

dog dilemma! HELP!

I need your help. To make a long story shorter, Hubby brought home a 5 month "Heinz 57" dog on Thursday night that he adopted from the shelter. He is thought to be a lab/boxer mix but no one knows for sure. Several people, including a dog trainer and pet store owner think he has pit bull in him.

When Hubby heard that he took the dog back, but we ended up picking him back up later. There's no way to actually prove he's pit without very expensive genetic testing.

He's a very laid back dog! Just lays around and lets the kids just do whatever. He won't play or anything though. This worries me. Is he going to turn on us? He's done absolutely nothing to make us think he could be dangerous, but I just don't know what to do. If we take him back the kids will be devastated. I keep telling myself to give him time to adjust to his new environment, but I just don't know.


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Megan said...

Yikes. What a dilemma. I'm a chicken when it comes to dogs and my child, no matter how well mannered or what breed. Even our mutt isn't allowed to get too close if him and CC are outside at the same time. I hope you are able to figure out what to do!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Long time lady. :) I've been such a blog slacker.
Seriously, I don't know. I think keep him but I am a huge animal lover so I may be biased. You have to do with what you are most comfortable with. Good luck!

Shannon Henrici said...

I am very happy to hear you rescued a dog. They are a great family addition and will teach your children so much about compassion and responsibility. I wouldn't worry about the dog turning on them.

I have been a professional pet sitter for over 10 years and have rescued dogs for over 20. Not to mention my many personal pets. I guess you could say a know a thing or two about dogs :) I was kind of the "go to" person for all animal related questions.

First and foremost, don't listen to anyone about your dog except the professionals. A lot of people have various backgrounds and like to offer their personal experiences, but just like children every dog is different. You can't judge a book by its cover, trust your gut.

Secondly, have you taken this dog to the vet? My concern is that any dog that young should be playful. If he is lethargic and seemingly laid back, he may have a very serious condition called PARVOVIRUS. It is deadly and must be treated as soon as possible. I had a seemingly laid back chow mix puppy - only to find out he had Parvo. He survived and is a wonderful companion - even protects my two year old little girl. Chows are supposed to be vicious (by reputation) as well. He hated children for most of his younger years, but he LOVES his family and my daughter. He has protected her since she was a baby. (Goes against his reputation.) Goes to show that you never know.

Pit bulls are only mean to those who raise them to be mean. Some of my favorite clients were pit bulls, they are loyal to a fault. The ones I have worked with were very loving and well behaved. The key to any dog is to make sure you train it properly. Consult a trainer, let your children help in the training, maybe even turn it into a family project. You would be amazed to see what a pet can offer a child. Watch a freestyle event sometime or join a 4H group - they have children competing their dogs all of the time. Children can gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment from training their companion.

I grew up with a yellow lab and now own three dogs (three cats, and a horse). I will always remember my times with my dogs - hiking together, snuggling in bed, teaching them tricks, and even just playing.

Please don't be quick to give up on this dog. He deserves love and a home too. He will give so much to you and your family. No one can tell you how much a dog will mean to you, similar to telling a person who much a child will mean to them.

If you would like advice or help with your dog, please feel free to contact me. I would be very happy to help you. I have a lot of unique ways to help out with issues with pets, my goal has always been to help pets and people find their connection.

I wish you luck.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I totally agree with the previous commenter. Pit bulldogs have a reputation that is totally undeserved. They are not bad dogs; they've just had a lot of moronic owners. Please don't judge this dog on his (possible) breed. Please do your research on pits, you will find they are some of the best dogs out there. Particularly, read about some of the dogs that were taken from Michael Vick. They were treated horribly, and many of them have been rehabilitated and are amazing pets now, and some of them are even therapy dogs.
Good luck!

Heather said...

I agree 100% with Shannon and Dysfunctional Mom. Dogs are wonderful family members and can teach your family so many great things. And even if your dog has Pit in him, that isn't a reason to return him. Did you know that Pits are actually called "nanny dogs" for their devotion to their family, and the children? I bet you will find that it was the best decision your family ever made. I look forward to hearing more stories along the way!

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