Saturday, May 17, 2008

good luck?

Good luck. A common phrase used to express encouragement. However, have you ever really thought about this phrase? Good luck. Like I need luck to succeed or something. Yes I know, I’m looking way too far into this, but here’s how the topic came about in the first place.

A good friend of mine had a miscarriage a while back. She developed influenza and they think that may be why the baby didn’t make it. When they went to their appointment to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, it wasn’t there. I can’t even imagine the feeling. I am blessed to not have experienced this heartache.

As she shared with me her experience, she mentioned that a co-worker wished her luck as she left for the appointment. As soon as her co-worker said it she thought, “Why do I need luck? What does that really mean? ‘Good luck, hope the baby has a heartbeat?’” Much to her dismay, her precious baby did not have a heartbeat, which caused her to rethink this “good luck” thing. Where did this expression come from? Wouldn’t it be better to say, “God bless?” or “God be with you” or something?

It really got me thinking. That’s such a good point. It’s almost rude if you think about it. I myself say it all the time. Just the other day I wished an acquaintance good luck as she left to attend the delivery of her granddaughter. Why would she need luck for that?

Technically, if you believe in God you shouldn’t necessarily believe in “luck” for life’s circumstances. Now, there are times when it’s appropriate to say “good luck,” such as before a test that hasn’t been studied for, or before the reading of the winning lottery numbers.

I catch myself starting to say it all the time, and I know people don’t take offense to it, because most people probably don’t even think about it. They just say thanks and appreciate the well wishes. However, I’m trying to remember to say, “best wishes,” or something that doesn’t have to do with luck.

So in the future, take note of what you’re wishing someone good luck for, and if it really “fits” the situation. And with that being said, “Good luck!”

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Vicki said...

I'm catching up on all your older posts.

We don't say "good luck" either. We don't believe in luck, even in tests or the lottery :). We've taken to saying things like
"hope you do well", "hope things go well", "if you win give me some of the money," etc. Joking on that last one.

It was hard to stop saying "good luck" at first, but now the other sayings come naturally.

Shayna @ Texas Monkey said...

We too don't use good luck, nor do we believe in luck, we believe in the Word of God. We believe things happen according to our believing and actions. The winning of lottery is just chance, has nothing to do with luck, and for tests and such we use hope you do good, or thinking about you, or best wishes too like you and the PP.

VKT said...

How did the interview go? I have been praying for you. Instead of good luck, I usually say blessings. I should change it to God Bless You.

Happy Mother's Day sweet lady!

Elmer said...

Exactly! The best way to use this kind of term is "Luck". I believed in luck and with the essence of believing god, we can surely receive gods blessings.

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