Sunday, May 18, 2008

tag, i'm it

Keep in mind people, I live in hickville where we're behind the times by at LEAST six months. That means email chains, music, clothing, hair styles, and on and on. So, if I tagged you and you already did it, DO IT AGAIN! hehehe, or just send me a link to yours. But seriously, if it's been awhile I bet you could think of more. So here we go...

Here's how you play. Once you've been tagged you have to write a blog of ten weird, random things, facts or habits about yourself. Be sure to write who you've been tagged by. At the end, you choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them to be tagged. Don't forget to leave them a comment "You're it!" and tell them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Since you can't tag that person back, let her know when you've posted your blog so she can read your answers.

1. I'm obsessed with blogging.

2. I worry about EVERYTHING! I am definitely NOT one of those people who thinks, "Oh, that will never happen to me." I think it will.

3. We have owned around 10 car seats (infant, convertibles, and boosters.) I just bought Raven a convertible car seat and spent hours and hours and hours researching car seats. After taking one back I caved and bought a Britax on sale. I know you moms are familiar. Britax car seats are the best rated car seats in the world, (and the most expensive.) But hey, you can't put a price on your child's safety., and it was worth every penny. I LOVE IT!

4. I LOVE baby products! I could spend hours in the baby section, even if I don't need anything at all. I DO spend hours online looking at baby stuff, especially when I was pregnant with Raven.

5. I am an online information freak. For example, I had trouble nursing Raven and I was constantly looking for info on how to fix it. My mom told me I had to stop before I literally drove myself crazy. (This is how the car seat thing was, too.) However, this "issue" led me to Otter's seizure freedom, so it's not all bad.

6. I don't like going shopping, and I have to be in the PERFECT mood to try things on. Maybe I'll enjoy it more when I actually have money to spend. :)

7. I can't pass up a good sale, even if I don't really need what I'm buying. If it's something I may need in the future, and it's 50+% off, I'll buy it. This drives the hubby crazy, however, he ends up buying things at full price. There is a lesson to be learned here. (Yes, I know...this completely contradicts #6. What I should've said is that I don't like clothes shopping.)

8. My favorite clothes in the world are maternity clothes. I want more babies just so I can wear them.

9. Confession. I'm a member of an online "messie" support group to organize my life, where I have learned that I can't just wait to do something until I feel like it. Now if only I could put that advice into practice.

10. I have this thing with smells and how they connect to memories in an instant. (See previous post, reminiSCENTS.) I could go on and on and on. Most of the time I don't know certain smells will do that until I smell them. The smells that bring back bad memories drive me CRAZY, to the point I have to remove myself (or the smell.)

11. It drives me bonkers when people use incorrect grammar, (particularly not changing the verb tense when using have, a common mistake with most people.) Yes, this is a good trait to have as a teacher, but horrible as a wife with a husband who uses bad grammar. I really have to bite my tongue.

12. Perfect Alignment. No, not so much symmetric necessarily, but all my documents, bulletin boards, etc. must be PERFECTLY aligned and uniformed.

13. I can't do laundry until all the clothes are separated in baskets. Hubby will just throw all the clothes in the laundry room, which makes it too overwhelming for me.

14. I am a VERY emotional person. Anything can make me cry. I've been known to cry when someone wins a game show. Pathetic I know. I also become emotionally attached to people very quickly.

15. I love the calming feeling after a good cry, maybe that's why I do it so much. I also love the laugh. I believe it's essential for the soul.

Yes, I know, there's more than 10 things here. I guess now you know more about me than you needed to know.

Now, I'm choosing to tag the top five blogs on, leaving out #3 since it's in Spanish, and replacing it with Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing, whose son had Doose like Otter, and who made me aware that the blogging world is MUCH bigger than I thought.

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5. Attack of the Redneck Mommy

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