Monday, June 16, 2008

superstitious? maybe a little

As you've come to know, I procrastinate. I told my mom to be ready to leave town at 9 a.m. on Friday morning, that way we'd be out of town by 10, which turned out to be about right. Pathetic I know.

So off we go. The drive is about 3 hours long, and my dr. appt was at 1:00, leaving us no time to spare. Stop #1 came about 2 1/2 hours into the trip, not bad not bad. Otter had to pee and frankly so did I. My mom had to go too but she stayed in the car with Raven and said she'd wait until we got back. About that time an entire busload of women show up so we decide to venture on. I wish women would learn how to move it along in the damn bathroom.

At this point I decide I better call the doc to tell them I'm going to be late. I check Otter in the rear view. Sleeping. Thank you. I look back at the interstate just in time to see I was about to hit something and there was no way of avoiding it. BAM.CRASH.SHATTER.POW.LOUD NOISES! Wow, I can't believe we just survived that. What the hell was it? We're so lucky we didn't blow a tire. blub blub blub blub. Shit. We did blow a tire.

My mom calls Triple A and they send someone out to change the tire. Question. Do you know how to change a tire? Because I don't know how to change a tire. Apparently my mom and I are the only women who don't know how to change a tire? Whatever, I don't give a flip. I don't know how and I don't want to know how. Besides, I was always told to NEVER EVER change your tire on the interstate, just ruin it and drive to the next exit.

The man who changed our tire said he lost his partner 13 years ago because a truck crashed into him as he was getting a car ready to tow. Can you even imagine?

While we're waiting, I call the doc and fill her in on the situation. I'm thinking, flip, I just drove 3 hours for an appointment that I'm going to have to reschedule. They said they'd work me in whenever I got there. Phew. My poor mom is about ready to pee her pants and I tell her to screw it and squat by the car. She FINALLY gutted up and did it, and then told me she hoped people didn't think that's why we had stopped. OMG. Seriously? Do you know these people? Who in the haitis cares?

As we pulled into town, I proceeded to drive to the other side of it and managed to hit EVERY FLIPPING RED LIGHT. Seriously? I get to my appointment and start filling out the heaping piles of paperwork that end up taking me ONE HOUR. It was then I realized what day it was...Friday...the 13th. It all fell into place. NO STINKIN WONDER!

Anyhoo, a couple hours later I get outta the appointment, (which went very well by the way,) and I'm stranded because they're still replacing the tires on my car. Notice how I said tires? Ya, apparently tires are like shoes, you have to buy them in pairs. Did you know this? I didn't know this. Lucky for me, there was a Goodwill down the street, where I found some smashing good deals.

This could've been the end to a long day, but instead we decide to stop at the mall for a quick in and out. Psh. Long story shorter but still not short...I set off the alarm at the Buckle because I'm trying to look at their shoes that they just have to put right by the door. What the hell? Do you want me to buy your damn shoes or scare me away. Whatev, your loss. Mom picks out shoes. Otter running everywhere. Shoe lady taking FOREVER. Mom goes to pay for shoes. Sees a discount coupon, goes back for more shoes. Shoe lady takes forever. Mom goes to pay for shoes. Other shoes gone. The smart check-out girl put them in someone else's bag. Brilliant. Back to shoe lady. Waiting. Waiting. Pay for shoes. THANK YOU!

Well my fellow readers, I will leave it at that. That was a lot to take in. Any of you have any interesting Friday the 13th happenings? Would love to hear!

4 cleansing comments:

ALI said...

I cant remember the day! that says it all I think!

PS...Love the hair!

Rachel said...

holy crap! that was a an aweful day! I have a friend that lost her job and had her car re-poed that day. Hmmmmm, starting to wander if there really is something to that.

Rachel said... that the dude's BUTT CRACK showing in the picture?????

The Mom Jen said...

Oh no, i'm sorry for your horrible day!

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