Thursday, June 5, 2008

ya, better get to the basement

So last night was a semi-eventful night. I've been feeling like SHIT because I just started taking the pill. We've been using natural family planning but it was getting a little too risky for me. According to Femta, a natural planning program, I have 12 peak days to get pregnant, while most women only have around 3. No wonder we've had 2 surprises. Anyhoo, I was on the patch before Raven and every time I started a new cycle, I'd be sick the next morning, like morning sickness sick. It sucked.

So, back to the story... I was feeling like shit last night. A tornado warning is announced over my husband's pager, but I'm not worried because we're pretty much in them 30% of the time around here. I call Hubby, who is with the storm chaser, surprise surprise, to ask if we need to actually take cover, meaning crouch in a corner and put a mattress over our heads. No. The tornado siren starts blowing, I call him again, NOW do we need to take cover? "No, but ya better start headin to the basement." Are you flippin serious? The tornado siren is blowing, do you actually think I haven't even taken my kids to the basement??? What kind of mother do you think I am?

So, we're sitting in the basement, going about our usual business. And then...the siren...and then...the electricity. Shit. No flashlight. I go upstairs to stock up on candles. Now keep in mind I'm still feeling like shit. Otter's freaking out because he can't get the TV to work. I light all our candles downstairs and Hubby finally walks in the door, siren still sounding. He tells Otter to come "check it out" and then says, "Wait, you should probably stay away from the door." The glass door. Gee, ya think? Otter proceeds to check every light in the house, despite the fact we've told him the electricity is out and none of the lights work. "Well I'll just check this one. Hmmm, this one doesn't work either." No Otter, none of the lights will work until the electricity comes back on. "I bet this one will work. Hmmm, this light needs a new light bulb"...and on and on and on. Hubby leaves again. Meanwhile, our 6 fragrant candles all burning in one place is tending to make me a little nauseous. I lay down and let my small children play in the dark. Yes, mother of the year. To top it all off, I left a brand new package of diapers at work and didn't have ANY, and there was no getting outside. Thankfully that night my mom brought me a few after the storms cleared. What would I do without my mommy?

Anyhoo, the siren went off 8 times!!! It pretty much blew non-stop. It was raining pretty hard but nothing too serious. Hubby said he saw the tornado about 6 miles southwest of us, thankfully never making it's way over to us. It took a friend's garage and threw it against the side of their house. This is the hail that a friend had about 40 miles east. Needless to say a lot of damage was done.

So today, I still feel like shit and I'm even vomiting. I've done about 3 loads of laundry since we got back from Baltimore. Add it up, I don't want to.

Why does birth control suck? Is it like this for everyone or am I the odd ball? Please recommend something. Maybe I should just quit having sex all together. I bet that would strengthen my already rocky marriage...

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The Mom Jen said...

Holy Hail Balls!

Scary, I hope you are safe!

Yikes, can't ask Condom girl over here about bc advice, I need some myself. So many of my friends do suggest the IUD, they have a 5 year and a 10-year!

Vicki said...

The tornado sirens went off here too. I didn't hear it though because it was mindnight and if the wind isn't blowing in exactly the right direction the siren is useless for me. Fortunately a friend called and told us to get to the basement. The squall line passed with nothing more than wind. Thankfully. Glad y'all are ok too.

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