Friday, July 18, 2008

bloghernot 2008 and nipple nibblers and my disability to say no

So I was reading McMommy's post and totally cracked up on #4. A while back I had a Passion Party for a friend. (They sell sex toys and other fun stuff like that.) Well the party was FABULOUS and I got lots of free stuff. I've never laughed so much in my life. There's nothing better than looking at different sex toys with friends, laughing, and drinking tropical orgasms. Ya, I meant there's nothing better, not even USING the sex toys. :)
Anyhoo, I got several samples of "nipple nibblers." Yes, you can use your imagination. Funny thing, I discovered they made GREAT lip glosses. The party was well over two years ago and I still have yet to use them for their true purpose. I would TOTALLY recommend hosting a party if you have a consultant in your area. I don't anymore otherwise I'd make it an annual, or bi-annual, or semi-annual event.

P.S. McMommy's right, Lansinoh does WONDERS for chapped lips, while leaving a glowing shine at that. I had a little trouble putting it on my lips as I couldn't get past the smell reminding me of rubbing my bleeding nipples.

Moving on, I am attending BlogHerNot this year, and probably will be for years and years and years to come. Unless my blogging world takes off and someone will sponsor me to get from Nebraska to SF? Um....unlikely.

I've discovered I'm in Stage 4 of San Diego Momma's 5 stages of blogging, but slowly moving into stage 5. I grow bored with things quickly. When I decided to start this blog I didn't take too much time to ponder a name. Now I want to change it. Is that allowed? Seriously, is that allowed? Please comment!

My town's having this HUGE event this weekend. (I'd tell you what it is but then you'd know where I live!) I planned a getaway to escape having to help. Perfect plan, right? Remember how I'm the woman who can't say no? Well the coordinator person called yesterday to see if I could help tonight. Great planning on his part. Well it just so happens that we're not leaving until tomorrow, so I FREAKIN said YES!!! Can you believe it? I SAID YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I better end up having a good time or I'm gonna be so pissed. Someday I will learn how to hurt people's feelings. Or learn that it doesn't usually hurt people's feelings when I say no. One of the two.

Have a GREAT weekend at BlogHerNot 2008!

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mommypie said...

Omigosh -- we are SO drinking Tropical Orgasms at the BlogHerNot '08 party tomorrow -- don't forget to come back and join us!!

So glad to have found you -- thanks for the shout out :)

The Mom Jen said...

I personally think your name is unique and cool...but that's just me. The one of 4 different CTT's in the blogosphere that I know of.

PS, i've had 4 of those parties. Enough said.

San Diego Momma said...

OK, I'm waiting for you here in Stage 5...
Don't worry, take your time.

And I like your blog name too, BUT I think a change is totally allowed.

Within a few weeks, everyone will know you by the new name...But did I say I like what you got going now?

Cuz I do.

Di said...

My blog started out almost two years ago as Di's Book Blog, etc. I thought I would mostly be posting book reviews and occasionally posting "etc." Well, it turned into the reverse.

So I changed it to Live And Let Di. Actually I did a Thursday Thirteen proposing 13 possible titles for my blog and this one rose to the top. Changing it was easy. And anyone who had my old URL was still directed to the new blog.

Soon after that, I purchased the domain name, and found that it was very easy to implement that as well.

Your blog is going to be an evolutionary thing...just roll with the changes and everyone will roll right along with you!

Rachel said...

Ok, two things. I def. want to host or at least go to one of those parties. How fun would that be?

Two, it is totally ok to change your blog name. I did it. No one squaked. It used to be Inside My Head, Inside My Heart. Now...well, you know what it is. So go for it girl!!!!!!

flickrlovr said...

Leave the name I say! I love it. Maybe due in part to the fact that I'm a TOTAL procrastinator...
But if you must change it, do. I'll forgive you.

Ilina said...

I love the name. Don't go changin'!

For some reason I can't link to the drink recipe. I'd love to feature it on my 5:00 Fridays post this week...attributed to you, of course!

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