Tuesday, July 8, 2008

my heart is broken

Last night's Bachelorette finale was a shocker to say the least. Although pretty much every sign showed that D wasn't going to pick Jason, I was still hoping she would. I don't know why in the haitis I care so much. I was sick to my stomach when she rejected him. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He was perfect. Perfect I tell you. If I wasn't already married (and getting happier married by the way) I would track him down and marry him myself. I'm sure he'll find a keeper in no time.

I'll tell you one thing (or a few,) when I watched Jesse get out of the limo the first night, I was thinking he'd be the first to go. I CAN'T BELIEVE it ended up being him! Even as the show progressed I kept thinking he'd go, but for crying out loud look how long she kept around Twilley. What the?

I wonder if they'll live happily ever after. I was a little perturbed by Jesse's nervousness when picking out the ring. If you're really ready should it be THAT difficult? Don't think so, but I guess I've never done it. He looked like he was going to lose his lunch.

It made me feel a little better when I saw them together at the end. I admit it even made me smile a little. D's comment, "I can't believe I'm marrying the guy with the pink shoelaces." Me neither honey, me neither. The after the final rose show was devastating, poor Jason. I was practically bawling.

Oh well, as D said, "I can only thank Brad Womack every day." (for rejecting her so she could meet her "prince charming") Maybe someday Jason will be able to say the same thing about her. Hope so. Rootin for ya Jason!

P.S. Is Jeremy a total wack job or what? Give it up buddy. Go see a therapist. If he's the next bachelor I'm totally not watching.
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