Tuesday, July 1, 2008

trivia tuesday

Rules: You CAN'T look up the answers, just give it your best shot.

What is the shortest book of the Bible?

Please leave your answer by commenting. If you have no idea, tell me you have no idea! Give it your best shot! Remember, no looking up the answers, that's cheating! I'll post the comments and reveal the answer and winners next week.

Last week: 1. Barry 2. Susan 3. Ursula
Winners: Congrats to The Mom and Kelli!

4 cleansing comments:

Angela said...

I'm gonna say Third John...Oh shoot, last weeks answers...Barry, I remember that now!

Vicki said...


Rachel said...

Isn't it Jude?...soooo not sure about that one.

Do you even know how bad I wanted to cheat? But then I figured, nahhhh, we ARE talking about the Bible here. How bad would that be?

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Yea for me! It's pretty sad though that I knew all the "Friends" answers just like that and this new question about the Bible has me stumped. Where are my priorities??? :)

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