Saturday, March 21, 2009

addicted to pregnancy tests

This is getting ridiculous.

I shared a while ago that we're trying to get pregnant. Last month was a no go, as I concluded with about 7 pregnancy tests. I'm addicted to them I tell you! I test WAY before it's even possible to know.

I bought another 2-pack for this month and promised myself I was NOT going to pee on them before the recommended date of use.

Ask me how that is going.

RIDICULOUS! I actually took one last night, and I don't expect to be riding the crimson wave until the 31st. Please explain to me why I felt the need to take a pregnancy test at LEAST a week before I could get a positive result. Was I surprised to see a BFN? (Big fat negative for those not in the lingo.)

Stupidity I say. Stupidity. What is wrong with me? It's seriously like an addiction. Maybe I want to set a world record for finding out the soonest, or maybe it just makes peeing more interesting, who knows!

The nearest Wal-Mart is an hour away and I happened to be there today so I picked up another 2-pack. In my small town, you have to ask the clerk behind the counter for a pregnancy test. I may be an adult but that's still just a little outta the ole comfort zone.

I think I've probably spent over $50 on damn negative pregnancy tests. WTH?

On a slightly different subject, I had a urine analysis today for my job and I have protein in my urine. They told me to see a doctor. What does this mean exactly?

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StephF said...

Just "met" you via UBP but you did ask about protein in your urine. I am not a nurse but am pregnant with #4 so I know a little... When I have had protein in my urine it has been b/c my blood sugar is elevated for some reason. It could be b/c of something I recently ate (a banana, yogurt, anything w/ sugar, natural or otherwise) or it could be a sign of diabetes. Mine has always been b/c of something I ate...

As for a conceiving goes (or choosing not to), I have LOVED the info in the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility--lots of things biology classes, your mother & even your doctor don't tell you about...

CSO said...

I'll second the comment on Taking Charge of Your Fertility -- all the stuff someone should have taught us when we were teens but never did. As for too many pregnancy tests, I'm currently trying *not* to get pregnant -- so when I'm just the tiniest bit late, I can't stop myself from peeing on the stick even when I'm certain I'm not actual preg. Crazy mommy brains.

Thanks for finding me through UBP :)

Mama Bird said...

You know, they told me the same thing all the time when I was pregnant. I just assumed what it meant, but now I wonder!
I had EXTREME morning sickness, and hardly ate at all the first trimester. They would tell me that mostly during that time, so I thought it meant that my blood sugar was too low and my body was using its own stores, which would release protiens.
They also told me I was spilling protiens during labor, when I hadn't eaten for like 12 hours.
Good luck with the prego attempt!

Anonymous said...

First I wanted to wish you luck on TTC. I found you through the UBP and have been cruising through your entries.
Addicted to pregnancy tests? Nope. I would say you are addicted to hope!
I look forward to reading about you and hopefully getting to read about your BFP!!

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