Sunday, March 8, 2009

fertile myrtle?

Let's get this revival started on the right foot, shall we?

Big news, kinda, sorta, okay not yet.

Both of the kids have been oopsies. Loved they are but expected they were not. With Raven I was even on birth control! Let's get this straight, it's not like we do it all the time so have a higher chance. In fact with Raven I was at school all month and only came home on the weekends, and weekends didn't always consist of sex.

So when we actually decided to get pregnant, I knew it would be right away. So we start trying, we're talking every other day because that's what they say you're supposed to do.

Am I pregnant you ask? No, I am not. The first time I've ever been disappointed by a negative pregnancy test result, make that 7 negative pregnancy test results.

Hoping to give you the big news next month. In the know.

3 cleansing comments:

Stephanie said...

How exciting! I can't wait to hear the "big news." I'm sure it will happen at just the right time...

Angela said...

My son was a birth control baby too (although technically I was switching b.c. at the time). Good luck, I'm sure it will happen in it's own good time :)

Lori said...

maybe the problem is that you are trying... lol Step back, relax and enjoy the process and it will happen

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