Wednesday, April 22, 2009

coming out of the closet, sorta

Well, when I started this blog it was originally intended to be a secret to people I knew. I figured it would be a nice place to vent without everyone in town knowing about it. Well, I've slipped up a couple times and commented on some friends' blogs with this account instead of my family blog account. Oops. And another person found me because she's some sort of online stalker. Ahem...Vicki. :)

So Carla & Heidi, and anyone else that knows me personally, Welcome. Now you'll really know EVERYTHING about me. But if ya don't mind, I would appreciate you keeping it on the DL. :) Enjoy!

1 cleansing comments:

Vicki said...

it was purely accidental!!! darn momblog;) I warned you the first night that I' a stalker...ha ha! I enjoy this one! I'm kinda a shoot from the hip girl so candor is much appreciated!

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