Friday, April 24, 2009

you call that justice?

So about a month or two ago there was a young teenage boy arrested for breaking into my grandma's house.

He was her neighbor and had been breaking in for months about everyday after school if my grandma was gone. Obviously there was a lock that didn't work properly. My dad hid a camera in the house and they caught him on video. They turned it in to the state patrol.

A state patrolman hid in my grandma's coat closet and waited. He was caught and arrested. Wouldn't you have crapped your pants? A cop jumping out of a closet. CLASSIC.

Anyhoo, my grandma didn't want to press charges she just wanted to ensure he got help. Turns out he admitted to break-ins at other houses and businesses, and here's the kicker, SETTING THE FIRE TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN TOWN that had happened during the summer. Luckily there was minimal damage since the fire was discovered quickly.

So they send him away to a boy's home.

Good behavior sends him to a halfway house.

Bad behavior sends him to a dog eat dog "boy jail." Where you don't get better you just rot there because they don't know what to do with you.

He had court this week, AND THEY FLIPPIN RELEASED HIM!!!!!! To his grandfather who lives about 4 hours from here. YEAH! A fresh start where no one knows him so he can rob other people's houses and burn other churches to the ground.

Well done judicial system. Well done.

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