Sunday, April 12, 2009

sleepless in sickville

So here I am, 3 in the morning and typing away. I've had a cough and congestion for about 2 weeks now. It mainly only flares up at night and it's been AWFUL! Normally I would take my trustworthy NyQuil and be on my merry way to a good night's sleep. Aren't the first months of pregnancy bad enough WITHOUT being sick? Not to mention you can't freakin take anything for it!

I'm a huge believer in Airborne. Swear by it. If I feel sickness coming on I start popping that every 3-4 hours. Did you know you're not even supposed to take that when you're pregnant? I work at a preschool and daycare, it's not like I can really avoid sick kids, who cough and sneeze in your face and practically wipe their noses on your sleeve.

Now in ADDITION to this crappiness, I'm feeling the morning sickness coming on! Unless it's more actual sickness creeping my way.

Let me give you the LD on me. I LOVE my sleep. I NEED my sleep. I SAVOR my sleep and precious weekend naps. SO PLEASE JUST LET ME SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. The concerts were AWESOME! I recommend going if the roadshow's coming to your area. $10 GENERAL ADMISSION! Can't beat that!

P.P.S. Went to Joe's Crab Shack for the first time and ate an entire bucket of crab by myself. YUMMY! Word to the wise: Stick to Applebee's for birthdays and free dessert. Joe's makes you get up and do stuff. We had to stand on chairs in the middle of the restaurant and spell our names with our butts as everyone sang happy birthday. Did we get free dessert? No. Another person had to dig for a cherry (no hands of course) in a bowl of whipped cream in which a cherry did not exist. Great entertainment when you're not the butt of the joke. :)

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Vicki said...

Hope you are finally getting some sleep :)

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