Friday, February 5, 2010

af: immunizations

I'm taking The Baby in for her 2 month check-up and immunizations today. I have mixed emotions about immunizations but choose to give them to my kids. We did get flu shots this year but only because of The Baby, I don't think we'll get them again. Otter has a very rare case of epilepsy, and some parents think it's caused by immunizations. Our Johns Hopkins neuro assures us it's not but who really knows.

Do you get your kids immunized? Why or why not? What about the seasonal & H1N1 flu shots?

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Anonymous said...

I do get my child her immunizations. I think it's a greater risk to her health to not get the shots. She also got the seasonal flu shot but not the H1N1 - because I felt like it was too rushed.

Dee said...

I do get their immunizations but I do NOT get H1N1. I feel like it is too new and so many people that i know that had the flu shot got the flu anyway!!

PLUS I stay home and we don't go out a whole lot.

Erica said...

I do get the routine immunizations but we don't get the seasonal flu and havent done the H1N1. I don't really have strong convictions behind that is just what we chose to do. :) Have a great weekend.

Jennifer said...

Yes, all my sons are immunized except for H1N1 and the seasonal immunizations.

Night Owl Mama said...

YES On a different schedule than the doc's and I Dont' do flu or h1n1 immunizations.
FLu doesn't work and the h1n1 doesn't have a statistics on future effects from the shot

Katie said...

I do get the immunizations for my son. I do it because....I don't know, I just feel like I should. I feel like the prevention is outweighs the risks of the shots, I guess. He got the flu shot this year, but not H1N1. He only got the flu shot because we were there for his checkup and the doctor said he should go ahead and do it since we were getting ready to hit the worst of flu season, and he does go to babysitter because I work full time.

Twin-Spiration said...

I do get my girls immunizations. As well as the H1N1 flu vaccine. I asked several different doctors their opinions about the flu vaccine and it was unaminmous that it would be better to get the vaccine than the flu!
One thing I have never done with my kids though is make a big deal about shots...I tell them (obviously when they're older than 2 months LOL) that it hurts worse to stub your toe on the furniture than to get a shot. I do a little tiny pinch and say that's it. And as a result they have NEVER had an issue with shots. Even getting their ears pierced, I talked to them about it and they didn't cry. If they know what to expect, it's not scary.
Defnitely do the immunizations won't regret it, but if you don't you could. :)

Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma said...

I get the vaccinations but I still have some reservations about them. It is pretty scary to no know "exactly" what is being injected into your kid and the affect it will have on them in particular. I did not go for the H1N1 though because my husband and I felt that it was just hopping on the band wagon without knowing all of the risks. My doctor told me that the H1N1 is going to be included in the normal flu shot next year - so we'll see.

Megan said...

I found this question through another Aloha Friday question, now I don't vaccinate my children. I did with the first two and the consequences were devastating with my second son. Vaccinations totally go against our God given immunity and are toxic to our system. H1N1 is the biggest hoax ever, it is our interference in our bodies natural God given immune system that causes all of the problems(i.e. complications that occur after we get H1N1). Dr. Mercola's website has great articles on this.
The tetanus and MMR destroyed the digestive tract of my second son leading to a severe deficiency in omega fatty acids that lead to disconnects in his brain(seizures in his brain) that caused him to have symptoms of autism. After visiting an ND and receiving a remedy to rid his system of the vaccine and high doses of omegas he is doing great. It is like I have a totally different child. As a Christian I also can not support vaccinations, they use aborted babies in the manufacture of vaccines, they use the human tissue to dilute live vaccines. They also use money kidneys to dilute and weaken live virus but they can not keep foreign pathogens out of the vaccine and it has happened before, a large batch of vaccine was contaminated with a primate disease and was injected into people. Gross! At the moment I have two books on vaccines and the dangers they pose listed on my blog if you would like to get more information. Please for the sake of your children, don't go what we went through because we just went along with the status quo, educate yourself.

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