Saturday, February 13, 2010

laundry day and my new shoes



Surprise surprise!

Didn't do one load of laundry.

All week.


Because I was reading blogs of course! ;)

Dryer malfunctioning.

Have to dry every load twice.

Flippin Fabulous.

I'm not green.


Hubby uses a different towel everyday.

Says it's easier to grab a new one when he forgets his.

So I moved the towels to the hall closet.

Didn't help.

If you can walk to the hall dripping naked to get a towel, why can't you walk to the flipping bedroom dripping naked to get a towel?


My new shoes.

Went to the 2nd hand boutique yesterday.

They were having a sale.

Been needing brown shoes.

Really, I need them.

Found a purple pair of shoes I loved.

In my size.

Said to myself, "Too bad they don't have these in brown."

Wouldn't ya know?

Found them in brown.

In my size.

Tell me.

What are the chances of that happening?

Aren't they fabulous?

Don't look at my legs.

They're dry.

And slightly hairy.

Don't judge.

Happy Saturday! :)

3 cleansing comments:

Stephanie said...

Oh I swear the hubbys clothes consist of 80% of our laundry, definitely one of my least favorite chored!

PS, I left something for you on my blog :)


Rita A. said...

Brilliant post. you made me chuckle at the towel incidents. Thanks for participating in Friday Follow. I am catching up to the links. Rita @

Mommy Lisa said...

I am sorry - this was linked at the bottom of your People #10 post - THESE SHOES ARE SUPER CUTE!!!

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