Saturday, March 6, 2010

will i win will i win will i win win win?

Babybix is having a baby shower event!

They're giving away lots of fun stuff including a Medela Freestyle Breastpump that retails for $380!

I'd really like to start subbing again but I'm nursing exclusively, and plan to until The Baby is at least a year. Right now I just have a single manuel pump and it's not cutting it, but that's A LOT of money to spend on something you're not going to use very long. If we were having another one it would be different, but this baby is the last! {Knock on wood.}

So head on over and check out their giveaways!

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Melissa said...

My Medela pump broke last night(I've had it for 3 years) and I am sooo sad! I just can't justify buying a new one to use for 6 months. I have to buy a manual one tomorrow do you have any suggestions?

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