Saturday, March 6, 2010

fast food woes and yumminess

{FYI: Runza is a fantabulous fast-food restaurant in Nebraska with a few in surrounding states. They make their ranch fresh everyday and I LOVE me some restaurant ranch. And YES, there's a difference between restaurant ranch and store bought ranch.}

Dear Runza man-boy:

Thanks for telling me the kid's free ice cream cone coupon is now right on the kid's meal sack AFTER I had thrown the sacks away. I love your restaurant, but that's a little poopy don't you think? Although I admit, quite clever.

I am perfectly pleased with your free ice cream cone coupon instead of a toy, but you can't put it on a piece of trash and expect people to know it's there. How many flipping free ice cream cone coupons have I thrown away at this point?

And on another note, please don't touch my food after you've repeatedly rubbed your skunk-looking, greasy hair with your hands. That's gross. Just looking at your hair has made me lose my appetite. But I still want my free ice cream cones.

Thanks for the extra coupons, next time I'll remember to cut the damn things off the bag. I'm really highly disappointed about this.

Oh and Skunky? Don't forget my precious 38 cent ranch again. Get it right or pay the price. Nothing comes between this woman and her restaurant ranch. Nothing.

Signed, Runzaholic

Have you heard of Runza? If not, what's your fave fast food restaurant and/or menu item?

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Ellemes said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Runza. I honestly don't think I'll ever move out of Nebraska because of Runza. My favorite menu item is the Onion Rings with a side of ranch. I also think they have the best burgers. I don't actually like the runzas, but my hubs eats those. My dad travels the state for his job and can tell you where every Runza is - it's too funny.

I actually think that Nebraska should try to use Runza in their tourism promotional materials. I think if people could try Runza they'd plan their vacations around visiting one. :)

And Hi fellow Nebraskan! So cool to 'meet' you.

Sissy said...

Every woman in my family makes their own runzas. They've done it all my life. And I make them now, too. So imagine my surprise to move to Nebraska and find out there's a restaurant that makes these things! Saves HOURS of kitchen time. I'm both astonished and appalled at the thought :)

designHER Momma said...

I've never heard of this place - but I'm pretty sure I would have a love/hate with it as well.

coupons on the bag? Crazytalk. That's where I pour the ketchup!

Annie said...

I live in KS and don't have a Runza nearby. Guess I am travelling up north huh? LOL
Our Dairy Queen puts the free kid's cone coupon on the bag too. DUMB idea

Melissa said...

I've never heard of Runza. My favorite fast food is only in East TN it's called Pals. I always get their Big Chicken (shaved chicken with cheese and spicy mustard)and a sweet tea. Yum!

And I know what you mean about restaurant ranch. It's the best! I've had a server ask if I wanted some chicken wings with my ranch before.

Brandi said...

I've never heard of Rumsa, but I love Taco Johns! :)

And that is quite clever of them to so kindly put your coupon on the bag that every parent would throw away!

Foursons said...

I have never heard of Runza either, but Dairy Queen puts their coupon for a free ice cream on their bag too. It took me a few times of throwing the bag away to remember to tear the coupon off.

And seriously, greasy hair and ungloved hands in a food restaurant ought to be grounds for termination. Yuck!!!

Thanks for linking up, so happy to have you join in!

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