Monday, April 19, 2010

movie monday #10

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Where the Wild Things Are: An adaptation of Maurice Sendak's classic children's story, where Max, a disobedient little boy sent to bed without his supper, creates his own world--a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures that crown Max as their ruler. PG

I didn't take my kids to this movie when it was in theaters because I heard from so many that it was scary. I really didn't think it was scary at all. My kids {ages 6 and 3} didn't think it was scary either. Granted, there were a few parts that were a little creepy in a weird sort of way, but nothing that would cause nightmares or anything. I'm wondering if I went into it expecting it to be super scary, so it didn't come off as bad. Kinda like when you expect a movie to be really funny and it turned out to be not as funny as you thought. Expectations can really change a movie outcome! I thought this movie was good for the most part. Otter LOVED it. Raven didn't really care one way or the other.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken: This is the story of Sonora Webster, a teenage runaway during the Depression. Her life's ambition is to travel to Atlantic City and become a diving girl. An inspiring true-life adventure of a courageous young rebel who defied the odds...and won. G

This is one of my absolute favorite movies! If you haven't seen it you MUST! It's a beautiful story. I saw that it was on Netflix Watch Instantly so when we got our streaming disc for the Wii this week I thought it would be a good movie that the whole family would enjoy. It actually kept the kids' attention the whole time. LOVE IT!

For Keeps: Darcy and her long-term boyfriend Stan are in their last months of school and already have found places in good colleges. Darcy ends up pregnant and neither of their parents are supportive. PG-13

I had never heard of this movie, but I came across it on Netflix Watch Instantly and decided to give it a try. I always enjoy teen pregnancy movies since I was a pregnant teen. I really liked this movie. It really makes me appreciate our parents for supporting us through my pregnancy and after. I really don't know what we would have done without them! The movie had some good humor in it too.

8 cleansing comments:

Kmama said...

OMG!! I remember Wild Hearts Can't be broken. I saw it in the theater when I was young and said I was going to name my daughter Sonora. LOL I guess that might be why I don't have a daughter. ;-)

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

I can't beleiev that Where the Wild Things Live or Are is out on DVD now ... (that was a confusing sentance to write) anywya, I do want to see it- I think the pictures are really beautiful.

Mommy Lisa said...

We took Boo Boo to this amazing theater with a HUGE HD screen to see Where the Wild Things Are...she LOVED it.

Chelle said...

I'll definitely be checking out all of your movies--they all sound awesome!

Thanks for the link up, honey!! I actually wrote a post...weird, I know! Haha!


Lisa said...

You just reminded me to put wild things on netflix. I'm really wanting to see it.

blueviolet said...

Three good ones! Awesome! I like when I'm expecting a movie to be bad. Then it can't help but be better!

Shell said...

Glad your kids liked Where the Wild Things Are! It was too much for my middle son in the theater.

Adrienne said...

I want to see where the wild things are ...I love wild hearts can't be broken and I have never heard of the other one thanks for sharing happy Monday

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