Thursday, April 1, 2010

people in review #9

Spoiler: Did Kate Gosselin Survive Dancing?
I haven't watched yet this week, but 90210 Brenda went home.

Which Hollywood A-Listers Could Pull Off Disney Villains?
I voted Angelina Jolie since she's a villian IRL, but apparently Catherine Zeta-Jones is the better choice.

Jesse James Checks into Treatment Facility
Doesn't say what kind of treatment he's receiving.
Holy macaroni!
Now would be a good time to dig a hole Jesse.
I know most people don't agree, but Jay Leno is my fave. Conan's hair is too distracting and I love the way Jay laughs at his own jokes.

Autopsy Reveals Gruesome Details of Killer Whale Attack
The whale "removed" {that's a friendly choice word don't ya think?} her arm and part of her scalp, she also suffered multiple fractures to her back, ribs, legs, arms and face.
OMG you have to read this story. No words can capture what a kook she is. Seriously. She's got issues.

A Fourth Woman Alleges Affair with Jesse James
Just as the Tiger drama is finally dwindling. Fab.

Maks & Erin Sizzle On – and Off – the Dance Floor
Could we possible get through one season without any hookups?
It's only a matter of time Kate. You suck.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler Take a Cozy Parisian Cruise
Do they have babies yet?

I don't think I believe you.

A bachelor from Jillian's season and bachelorette from Lorenzo's season chatted on a private Bachelor facebook page and hung out at a reunion. Now they're getting married. Who do you think it is?

83% voted no.

And in other late breaking news, the world is not flat.

I give it 6 months.

That is so not fair that she's on the show. She dances for the Pussycat Dolls. C'mon.

Some fabulous choices, but Ricky Martin wins.

The Claws Are Out: Kate Gosselin & Tony Dovolani Clash During Dancing
Uhhh....have you seen her show? You can't pretend you didn't see that coming.

9 cleansing comments:

Jessica said...

Love week in review!! Kate is so awful! and I totally agree, its not fair Nicole is on that show!

Also, I saw a clip of Sandra Bullock making a comment about Tiger woods and his situation, she said if she was Elin, she would do more to Tiger than chase him with a club! Jesse better watch out!

Adrienne said...

I am soooo sick of these guys saying they have sex addictions seriously!

Adrienne said...

I am soooo sick of these guys saying they have sex addictions seriously!

Laura said...

You have become my source for entertainment news. Love your comments - they are hilarious.

Nikki said...

I found your blog from a blog that I follow!!
Love the recap...I'm sort of a celebrity junkie...I love the mags and all that good gossipy stuff!!
Love your blog and am now a new follower!!

WonderWomanWannabe said...

Heidi's movie script sounds kookoo for cocoa puffs. Hilarious.
I love your Week in review and thanks for letting me borrow the idea!

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

I was going to email you this week and ask you what you thought of Kate on DWTS. I normally don't watch that show but I wanted to see kate...and man, so weird to see her treat her instructor the same way she treated Jon..

blueviolet said...

Your commentary on these cracks me up! I'm also embarrassed to say that I clicked on one of them, but I must know about the Maks and Erin hook up. I can't help it!

*LLUVIA* said...

What does Heidi Montag do...or how did she become famous??

Is she a talented actress or one of them Paris Hilton-like useless socialites??

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