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prayer is power: casey

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Prayer is Power

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This week's featured story is from Casey. She blogs at Ramblings of Casey, Ramblings of a Lymie, and Ramblings of a God's Girl. She was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and the following is her story.

Ramblings of Casey

In 2008 while I was pregnant I became very ill after a trip to Arkansas. The end of my pregnancy was rough and spend on complete bed rest and in the hospital for 2 weeks before delivery. Once the baby was born instead of getting better like everyone thought I would I got worse. For the next two years I would go from doctor to doctor trying to find an answer. In November of 2009 I started praying for guidance in what I should do next. I decided to start researching lyme disease since a friend's son who went on vacation with us had similar symptoms and was diagnosed with lyme disease. I found that all of my symptoms went perfectly with lyme disease and I found a doctor that dealt with lyme disease. Prayer is what led me to this doctor and led me to a diagnosis. Once I went to the doctor and got the confirmation of lyme disease everything moved fast. We went from being fine in regards to finances to not knowing how we were going to pay for things. All we could do is pray and pray we did. We sent out several prayer requests to family and friends. In February things started happening and the only explanation is the power of prayer.

We started receiving donations from family and friends from church. A wonderful friend from church stepped up and said she would help watch our kids so Chris could go into work two days a week. Another friend from church set up meals and times for women from church to come help clean the house. These were things where we didn't know how we were going to manage and only by God's grace did things happen in the way they did. Money was still becoming an issue and I was about to be put on a new treatment that was going to cost us $800 a month.

One night we heard a knock on the door and two women asked if they could buy our car in the drive way. Now this car had not been working since November 2009 and here it was February 2010. We explained that there was something wrong with it but we didn't have the money to fix it and they looked at it and still wanted it. One of their husbands was a mechanic. So they offered $1400 for it which was trade in value. We took them up on their offer and got a copy of the identification cards and a point of sale. The money was real and in one night we sold our car and could help pay for my medical costs! All I can say is God knew our needs at that given moment, it is for him that those two women came to our door when they did. A few weeks later we found out that insurance was actually going to cover my medicine for 6 weeks so we didn't have to pay that $800 then and that money from the car could go to paying other medical bills. It was amazing and we were so blessed by God's grace.

These are just a few examples of how God has worked in our lives. Even before I got ill we would notice him doing things in our lives. I can't begin to describe how I feel though these past few months where I have really felt his love and protection. God truly will get you through anything and he does answer prayers.

Our God is an Awesome God! Please keep Casey in your prayers as she still has a long way to go! The following is a prayer request from her.

As most of you know I was diagnosed with Lyme disease back in January. Well, most people aren't aware of the controversy surrounding this diagnosis. I found out in the past couple of days that my lyme doctor is being investigated by the Texas Medical Board. I am really scared for him and all of his patients. Without these doctors lyme patients wont get better. If we could get prayers for him and that he wont have his license taking away, us lyme patients really need him. For safety reasons for him I can't give his name. Thank you for the prayers.

Thanks for sharing Casey!

11 cleansing comments:

Adrienne said...

wow I am praying for her what a story she has and I am hoping she gets well

VKT said...

I will be lifting her up in prayer for sure. What a lovely testimony to the power of prayer. Our God is an awesome God.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Wow, what a great and inspirational story! I hope your friend gets the treatment she needs.

Casey said...

Thank you for featuring me. Reading this loving comments made me teary eyed and knowing that our situation is being prayed for makes me have less anxiety. Thank you!

Cold As Heaven said...

Prayer never worked for me, quite the oposite. When I was forced to pray by the teachers in elementary school, the only effect was to make me an atheist ... and I've been happy as such ever since >:)

Messy Mommy said...

Cold as Heaven~

I can see how being forced to pray may make a person to refuse it. You have to want it with your own heart. My prayer for you is that you can find that. I'm praying for you.

Brandi said...

That is awesome! :)

Brandi said...

I mean all the ways God is working in her life!

Praying for her to get well soon!

Kmama said...

What an amazing story. I will be praying!

Cold As Heaven said...

Thank you, Messy Mommy, but no need to pray for me. I sold my soul to the devil looong time ago >:)

Cold As Heaven

MageeMommy said...

wow! That's a tough disease to fight but I'm sooo glad they figured out in time what it was! God is so faithful!

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