Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my top ten baby items

Ya, so I would probably keep breathing without them, but I may not want to.

Greatest. Invention. Ever. Suctioning The Baby's nose is practically the highlight of my day. It's oddly satisfying.

We love binks around here. She'll take any of em, including the ones from Dollar General that are like 50 cents a piece. SCORE!

The Bumbo is probably the second greatest invention ever. Love it.

Baby got gas? These rock.

They're cheap and they work. Trust me, this is coming from the mom who only changes diapers a couple times a day. If that.

Car seat toy bar. Makes for entertaining travel.

I don't jog, but once you've owned a jogging stroller you'll never go back. You can practically push it with one finger. It takes no exercise at all.

I'll admit it. I'm not much of a babywearer, but when I do, the Babyhawk is my carrier of choice.

A little before shots, and the screaming seems to be less.

Have you ever tried taking a screaming baby's temp under the arm for 82 minutes? It sucks.

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Much More Than Mommy said...

I am so glad someone else likes those baby nose suckers too!

Adrienne said...

we could not have made it without gas drops and the nose sucker! =)

Chelle said...

Nose suckers are the best! I loved our bumbo, too--it was AWESOME.

Kmama said...

What is it about the nose sucker? I feel a major sense of accomplishment when I use one. LOL

I have to add the white noise machine that I have for both my boys because they sleep so dog-gone light and wake up if we so much as breathe outside their door when it's off.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

With Sass, Mylicon was my best friend. Seriously.

Allison @ Alli 'n Son said...

I loved the Bumboo chair when my son was little. It helped free up my hands for a little, and he loved sitting and playing.

Jessica said...

What about leg warmers?

Nikki said...

Bumbo chair...completely necessary!! Booger sucker...totally necessary!! I'm like the booger police...I hate crusties and you would think that I'm physically abusing my child when I try to clean her nose....she HATES it!! I also found these GREAT burp clothes...you could use them for so many things too...I love them. They are muslin cotton rags from www.bambinoland.com. Check them out!!

Casey said...

Great list!

Lisa said...

I like all of these! I will have to make sure Niiki has them for Drex.

LoveMeDaily said...

82 minutes of temp taking?! You are kidding!

I gasped to read that you buy dollar store pacy's! But what about the BPA's?! hahaha

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