Thursday, May 13, 2010

people in review #14

Not a whole lot going on with the celebs this week.

POLL: Who Will Be Summer's Hottest Action Hero?
Iron Man! Iron Man!

Jessica Simpson: 'I Can Find Love Anywhere'
Stop looking.

Gilles Marini's Sex Life Keeps Wife Laughing
Um....let's take it down a notch.

Sunday School Teacher Pleads Guilty to Killing 8-Year-Old
Are our children safe anywhere?

Off-Duty Hollywood: Gwen Stefani Spends Mother's Day with her Boys
Wow how clever. Spending mother's day with your kids.

Katy Perry Celebrates Her New Single with Red Velvet Cake
Is it me or does cake sound really good right now?

Christina Applegate Has No Use for Stress or Self-Pity
Does anyone?

Tiger Woods's Coach Resigns Via Text Message

Tiger Woods: I'm Angry, Frustrated and in Pain
Karma my friend.

What Taylor Lautner Wants in a Lady
"She must be a blogger, 26 years old, 5'8", blue eyes, ashy blonde hair died brunette, married with 3 kids, and have no desire to clean." Sorry Taylor, I'm taken.

Brad & Angelina Design $10,000 Cufflinks for Charity
Cufflinks. For TEN THOUSAND dollars.

New Book: Elin Didn't Even Like Tiger at First
Oh yay. A biography about Tiger Woods. Just what we need.

11 cleansing comments:

Perfectly Unperfect said...

Ha Ha! I like the last one where Elin didn't even like Tiger at first.

She should have stuck with her first instinct.

I have NEVER liked him-ever.

blueviolet said...

Taylor Lautner has the hots for you!

Jessica said...

Hahaha I loved that Taylor one! I liked him with Tayler Swift. They were cute together..imagine those babies!

Adrienne said...

I am so over Tiger and I am team Jacob all the way so I believe he needs to call me ...let him know OK UMMM Jessica Simpson has little chance looking for love since she said she doesn't brush her teeth daily gross!

Crazed Mama said...

I personally hoe Karma continues to kick his a**. Karma could catch up Naomi Campbell too if it is so inclined!

*LLUVIA* said...

Taylor is soooooo haawwwttttt!!!!

Brad & Angelina Design $10,000 Cufflinks for Charity
"Cufflinks. For TEN THOUSAND dollars."

Why don't they just donate the $10,000?

Casey said...

Oh my goodness, I love the Taylor comment

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Guess who renewed her subscription to People! Me!

And btw, Taylor's lady must be "a blogger, 35 years old, 5'1", blue eyes, blond hair (w/ some help), married w/ 3 kids & have no desire to clean. Get your facts straight. :)

Did you see him on Oprah today?

VKT said...

This was so funny. I loved the description of Taylor's So who is going to buy 10,000.00 cufflinks? lol

Nikki said...

Team Edward!!! I think I need to reread those books!!!

Kmama said...

Cake sounds amazing.

Hey, I think Taylor said she should be 31, curly hair, and as sarcastic as can be. Just sayin'.

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