Tuesday, June 15, 2010

must we do EVERYTHING together?

I mentioned yesterday that my BFF had a baby on Sunday, we'll call her Peas. Her friend we will call Carrots.

Peas was home-schooled. So was Carrots.

After school they lived together for a year and became best friends.

Carrots got married. Peas got married.

Their husbands are brothers.

So now they are sisters-in-law.

They both had "5 year plans" which ended up lasting 7 or 8.

They grew apart over the years, but remained friends.

Peas miscarried her untold pregnancy.

A month later, Carrots miscarried her untold pregnancy.


It took Peas another year to get pregnant.

As it did Carrot. Their due dates were 2 weeks apart, Peas was due first.


Now keep in mind they were not AT ALL planning anything together. In fact Carrots was afraid to tell Peas she was pregnant since she didn't know Peas was also pregnant.

They live in a small town. 1 hospital, 1 delivery room, 3 doctors. They both used the same doctor.

He decides to take off the weekend after Peas' due date. Great.

Peas had contractions for 3 days before she went into active labor. When she got to the hospital, Carrots had been there for 9 hours. Carrots wasn't due for another 2 weeks.

So here we have 2 sisters-in-law in labor at the same time. Their doctor is out of town.


Skipping some more crazy details, Peas had her baby girl 4 hours after Carrots had her baby boy.

Cousins born on the same day.

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13 cleansing comments:

Shell said...

That's a lot of coincidences!

Kmama said...

Holy cow!! Talk about "meant to be". How cool.

Beth Zimmerman said...

How sweet! I think it would be awesome to have a cousin-twin growing up in the same little town!

Tiffany said...

And I thought it was wild that my sis-in-law and I had our kiddos exactly a month apart in the same town! That one takes the cake!

Casey said...

wow, that is all I can say

Anonymous said...

That is amazing! Love hearing these fun stories. :)

Mr. Daddy said...

guess it will take the hassle outa planning family birthday parties....LOL

Rachel said...

That is absolutely amazing! How cool :)

And congrats to the both of ya!

blueviolet said...

That's just wacky!

Much More Than Mommy said...

Amazing and wonderful!!!

Venassa said...

Craziness. That is very cool. I love stories like this.

Brandi said...

Now that is pretty crazy! I know some sisters who are kinda like that...

Mommy Lisa said...

Very cool - and cute babies.

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