Wednesday, June 16, 2010

she gets me

I was planning on participating in Shell's Pour Your Heart Out today about helping with the birth of my BFF's first baby. However putting it into words is a little harder than I thought and I need another week. :)

So now on to What I Meant to Say!

I have this horrible habit of blurting things out in the middle of nowhere and expecting people to know what the flip I'm talking about. It drives Hubby CRAZY! "Am I supposed to be able to read your mind?!" Well yes sweet Hubby, of course you should be able to read my mind. It's practically your sole purpose in life.

Anyhoo, a prime example happened the other day. My sister called when I was at the store. We were chit chatting and I say:

"Did you know our family makes an alternative to life?"

Um, maybe I should have said:

"I'm grocery shopping. Did you know that the Our Family brand makes an alternative to Life cereal?"

But get this. It took her a second, but my marvelous sister actually figured out what I was talking about before I had to tell her. What a sister. She does the exact same thing. We can practically finish each other's sentences. Love her.

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9 cleansing comments:

Brittany Ciara said...

You gotta love a sister who "gets" you! :) Thanks for playing!!! (: Hope to see you at Just Dance with ABA and next week for WIMTS! :)

Shell said...

You two are so cute.

Dh and I are like that- understanding weird things. We can even say "you know that guy?" and strangely enough, the other will know what we mean.

Can't wait to read your PYHO!

Hippie4ever said...

How awesome!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Love that. I have it with my brother, sil and bff, so I know how crazy and incredible it is!

Much More Than Mommy said...

It is my FAVORITE thing when me and my sister do that!!

Kmama said...

LOL! You would be great at Taboo then. That's how me and my BFF were, and when we were in college, no one could beat us at Taboo! LOL

Caution Flag said...

Blurting things out is the spice of life!

blueviolet said...

No way! She got that???

Mommy Lisa said...

You two are hotties! And I so get what you said... ;)

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