Thursday, June 17, 2010

people in review #17

Christina Aguilera: Why I'm Sometimes Attracted to Women

Sunday School Teacher Tearfully Apologizes for Killing 8-Year-Old
Cause that makes it all better.

Brad Pitt Is Warming Up for the Big Shave
Leave the beard. It makes you ugly. You deserve to be ugly.

Cristiano Ronaldo Heats Up Emporio Armani’s New Underwear Ads
{slurp slurp}

Robert Pattinson: Kissing Kristen Stewart in Eclipse Felt Natural
Thank heavens! That "I might sink my vampire fangs into you" kissing was getting old.

Producer Slams Tabloid Report of an Affair with Al Gore

Bachelor Pad: Who's Moving In
This oughta be good! Crazy Michelle is back! And Tenley. As well as Elizabeth who I've already mentioned a billion times I grew up with. Reality shows are so much more interesting when you know someone in them!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Advises Girls to 'Love the Way You Look'
Yes we would all love the way we looked if we had a body like you.

Charlie Sheen's Distraught Wife Leaves L.A. with Their Twins
She's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I'm sure isolating yourself with twin boys is the perfect remedy for that.

Megan Fox Is Engaged (Again!) to Brian Austin Green
They first got engaged in November 2006, then called in off in February 2009, and now they're engaged again. Whatever.

Cameron Diaz: No Love Life, No Problem

Jewel: How Her Imperfections Got Her Ahead in Hollywood
I don't care. FIX YOUR TEETH!

9 cleansing comments:

Kmama said...

LMAO at that last one. And Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green? Really???

Much More Than Mommy said...

I had not heard of The Bachelor Pad!! Yay! More mindless entertainment? And WES?! :-P Craig? How did they pick these guys? Oh wait, they picked Jesse from this season. Wiiiise. But then the Weatherman. *sigh*

Oh wait. They made up for ALL OF IT with Kiptyn!!!!!

Casey said...

LOL, your last one really made me laugh. I had no clue Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were together. Does he do anything these days?

Adrienne said...

ummm yes Jewel needs to fix those teeth and so does Madona

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So with you on the teeth....Loved the list...

blueviolet said...

You SO cracked me up with what you said to Brad Pitt.

On the Jewel thing...I'm a little sensitive about that because I have a crooked tooth.

Nikki said...

You are way too funny!!! I love the Brad Pitt one. I laughed out loud...really loud!!!

Mommy Lisa said...

Wait, why are people mad at Brad Pitt? I don't get it...

But that bitch who killed that little girl...I just cannot stand it! Ugh.

Vernell said...

Yeah, that crack on Jewel kinda hurt me, too. I don't have a perfect set of teeth. In fact, I've been having my teeth fixed here in Mount Pleasant. Dentists here are talented, says my relative. Well, I can tell. She has a perfect set of teeth if you ask me. I'll be going to a nearby Mt. Pleasant dental clinic in a few. Anyway, that's all. I cracked up while reading the other articles, though.

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