Tuesday, February 1, 2011

come back to me!

Okay sometimes you have to quit something to make you realize what you had. I'M NOT READY! I can't just quit. No, I'm not around much, but I can make it better! So scratch the last post, I'm not going to quit blogging completely, I just can't.

Now that we have that out of the way. I need to vent. This is our first month on Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, and I totally excited. For meal planning I bought a 3-month-subscription to e-mealz.com. We got the low-carb plan. I just went to the store and spent NINETY-THREE DOLLARS on 4 meals plus a few staples like milk, bread and peanut butter! SERIOUSLY?!? Uh, not exactly in the budget. I was completely disappointed. Hubby thinks we should buy a month's worth of groceries but I can't decide. I spent over an hour at the store and I'm NOT doing that every week!

How do you meal plan?

Oh and more on my total money makeover later.

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Anonymous said...

What's meal planning? lol
I seriously need to do that. It would help in so many ways.
And glad you're not giving up blogging girl! xoxo

Julia said...

if you're looking for financially thrifty, i would buy your staples (at least 2 weeks worth of food) and plan accordingly. plan on leftovers etc. or, set yourself with your budget. how much you can spend on groceries and that's it. when it's gone, it's gone.

Kerri said...

I used to budget shopping trips/menu every 2 weeks but I've just hit my 4th month of buying and planning for a month...and it saves you money!! We have a membership to BJs and I split the rest of the stuff between Walmart and Aldis and sometimes deviate to smaller grocery stores if there is a $$deal.
I cut coupons, plan a monthly menu, and hit the ads hard the Sunday before I shop. I pick up staples every 2 weeks still cuz you have to. It's work but it WORKS!!

Kmama said...

I'm with Laura, what's meal planning? LOL

I just fly by the seat of my pants. Seriously...Monday nights I have Zumba at 7 and don't get home until almost 6, so hubby makes something quick (like a skillet meal or something).

Tuesday nights, hubby has class, so I usually get some sort of fast food or pizza or something for me and the kids.

Wednesday night, Buddy has hockey and he and Jdaddy eat out and Buster and I eat at my parent's house.

Thursday night, we typically actually make something.

Friday night, we eat out and go grocery shopping.

We normally eat out on Saturday too.

I usually cook something Sunday.

So you see, we don't have much need for meal planning. LOL

Shell said...

I'm glad that you are not really done!

I get alot of my meals from stolenmomentscooking and she has a meal planning service- I think with hers, you can give her a budget, too.

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