Friday, May 23, 2008

the bachelorette: here we go

I usually try to stay away from The Bachelor. I'm a TV addict and the less shows I get addicted to the better. Unfortunately a friend hooked me on The Bachelor last season with Brad Womack. Therefore, this season's Bachelorette is a must! goes.

Let me say, I really do think something mysterious went down when Brad didn't choose either woman, especially after the "after the final rose" show. Maybe he was paid to do it or something, I don't know, but that was MESSED UP!

I'm not really digging the dress. The back is great, the front...not so much. And this girl has her hopes high! I hope she finds what she's looking for.

Here are my opinions of some of the men:

Brian (Indiana): let's get over the abs shall we?

Brian (Texas): his lines were corny, especially when he met her

Chandler:, a duck call? He was weird.

Donata: Are you kidding me? What an ass.

Eric: He's got the Greek thing going for him.

Graham: liked him

Greg: gross, jerk

Jason: single dad, he is def my fave so far!

Jesse: seems like a fun guy, but I really don't think he's DeAnna's type

Jon: pretty cute

Luke: the oyster farmer, dork

Patrick C: fun guy

Paul: oh my, he seriously had her name embroidered on his ass? He's shorter than her and that bothers me a little.

Richard: science teacher, great guy

Robert: gotta love the chef!

Ryan: I am a strong Christian woman but this guy seemed a little odd to me.

Sean: martial arts master, weirdo, and the hair's gotta go

Men who made the cut: Brian (Texas), Chris, Eric, Fred, Graham, Jason, Jeremy, Jesse, Paul, Richard, Robert, Ron, Ryan, Sean, Twilley

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