Friday, May 23, 2008

one tree hill anyone?

I'm just feeling...ugh. I hate those days when I don't ever leave the house. It's so depressing. I actually do have the laundry caught up (ok, almost.) The house is as clean as it's going my standards anyway, but keep in mind my standards aren't significantly high. By clean I mean the trash is actually in the trash can, most, ok some of the toys are actually in toy boxes, and the dishes are actually in the dishwasher.

The time flew by today, and I'm 100% sure I know why it did just that. I watched the season finales of Desperate Housewives (2 hrs), Grey's Anatomy (2 hrs), and One Tree Hill. I may be the only adult (if I can call myself that) who actually watches One Tree Hill, considering it's about a bunch of high school kids (technically not anymore because they skipped 4 years between seasons, but you get the idea.) Anyhoo, add it up folks, that's 5 hours of TV, well not really since I skipped the commercials, but get the idea. UGH! How lazy and unproductive is that? Oh well, I'm over it.

Moving on...I'm going to share my final thoughts on the finales.

Desperate Housewives: 5 YEARS LATER??? Quite a jump don't you think? Who in the heck is the guy Susan's with? What in the flip happened to Mike now?

Grey's Anatomy: Derek and's about time. My predictions: Beth, the girl who survived the surgery, is going to get pregnant with Jeremy's baby, (the one who didn't survive.)

One Tree Hill: This finale sucked. Predictions: good question, but Lucas better choose Peyton.

I watched Dancing with the Stars yesterday, and was pleased with the results. Is Kristi Yamaguchi awesome or what? I just started watching it this season and it's my new fave. Love it love it love it.

Anyhoo, I'm glad it's Friday, even though it really doesn't matter what day it is since I don't have a job anyway, what's a Saturday vs. a Monday? It's all the same around here. Hope you all have a great memorial weekend! I'm sure we'll have a great the rain.

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