Saturday, May 31, 2008

this mommy loves...

...WiiFit. My mom just got one and I'm sure I have to go get one for myself. I HATE exercising but that makes it just plain fun. Not too mention it's a double whammy cuz the Wii alone can provide hours of entertainment, and FAMILY entertainment at that! Britax Roundabout car seat (denim). I really bit my tongue buying it because I couldn't believe I was spending that much money on a car seat, but it's the greatest. Installation was a breeze and it puts my mind at ease knowing my daughter's safe. My husband and his friend make fun of me all the time for being a car seat and stroller freak...but just wait, my new obsession is babywearing, just bought sling #3, which BTW was the Babyhawk I wanted. The pouch I'm selling on ebay got a bid, it's only 99 cents so far but it's selling, and that was my only criteria for buying a new one. :) Stay tuned for more on my babywearing.

...Trumpette baby socks. They actually stay on and they're adorable! I have the Mary Jane Pastels, but they're all adorable. We never went anywhere without being complimented. The best part is not having to worry about shoes that never stay on anyway. They also make great baby gifts! Summer Baby's Quiet Sounds™ Video Monitor. It lets me sleep in peace (as much peace as a mother can sleep in) knowing that I can hear/see my son if he, God forbid, should have another seizure. Before I had it he slept in our room because I had to go check on him at every peep from his room. I never got any sleep! Yes, the phone interferes a little with the reception, but it works great otherwise.

...ebay. No explanation needed.

...DVR(digital video recorder). No more watching commercials or arranging my schedule around my fave shows. When nap time rolls around, it's time for a little tube and relaxation (if I decide not to take a nap too that is.) UNFORTUNATELY, we switched cable providers and haven't got DVR back yet, and therefore this mommy also loves...

...full episodes online. You can't beat free TV with no commercials. It makes me wonder why some people even bother buying cable.

...Dreft stain remover. It works.

...Airborne. I swear by the stuff. I get sick all the time, but I took this the entire time I was student teaching and NEVER got sick! It's a miracle I tell you.

...garage sales. I just got $800 worth of baby clothes and shoes for $40! Suh-weet!

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