Tuesday, June 24, 2008

...and then there were 3.

Ya, so I haven't been keeping you updated on the Bachelorette. I've even been procrastinating in my tv watching. Ok, that's not really considered "procrastinating" since I'm not putting it off "intentionally." Whatev.

So, D actually sent Graham home! I had a feeling by the preview this would happen. She did the right thing. He's one of those "I'll get you wrapped around my finger and always make you feel like everything's your fault" kinda guys. Whatta crocka crap.

From the very first episode I've been rooting for Jason. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope she chooses Jason. Maybe it's the kid thing, I don't know. He's good looking too. I'm a little surprised Jesse's still here. I like the guy, but just can't see him with D. And Jeremy...don't even get me started. There's something about that guy... If she chooses him her happily ever after's in the shitter, for shore.

Funny thing though. I had a dream on Sunday night that I saw a newspaper article announcing the birth of Jeremy and some baby mama's baby. I was like, "What the hell, you can't announce that shit until AFTER the Bachelorette is over. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?" Then I got excited because I realized he didn't end up with D, and I couldn't wait to tell Jen over at Cheaper Than Therapy. Apparently I was the only one in the world who had seen the article. Wow, the wonderful world of dreaming.

3 cleansing comments:

The Mom Jen said...

Aw you thought of me to tell! Cool!

Now that I know Graham's last name (Bunn) I googled him and there are some NICE shots of him, he has a non-profit clothing or shirt company...can't remember just mesmorized by his eyes. He's a typical playah...but so so easy on the eyes!

Amy said...

I like Jason too! I am rooting for him all the way.

By the way, I found your blog thru The MOM's blog page.

ugagirl30 said...

For some reason, I totally get into The Bachelorette but hate The Bachelor. And I sooo want Graham. Not to marry--just as a toy. I hate Jeremy in all his "perfection." No one is that perfect. Oh, she'll find the skeleton in his closet sooner or later. He just wants her because she looks like his mom. Jason is sooo the greatest. Pick Jason! Pick Jason!

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